Why I Gave

"Overlake provided a great education and the necessary life skills to our children that laid a foundation for pursuing higher studies and never shying away from hard challenges in life. We are delighted to be a part of this effort to broaden the reach of Overlake education."

Amitabh & Richa Srivastava, parents to Tapan ('16), Shivani ('04), and Anshuman ('00)


"We believe in the financial aid program because making Overlake’s great education accessible to others is the right thing to do. Education is an investment in the future....and our hope for the future includes the broadest educational reach possible regardless of income, ethnicity, or whether you're the first person in your family to go to college. Everybody benefits from being part of a diverse community."

Ed & Cecilia Whatley, parents to Matteo ('23) and Sophia ('24)


"We are thrilled to be able to support the financial aid endowment for Overlake, which will allow more intellectually curious, hard-working, and kind individuals to experience all that our school has to offer – dedicated and compassionate staff and teachers working in an environment that encourages critical thinking, kind hearts, and the ability to build relationships for a life of sustained happiness. Investing in the education of our youth impacts everyone in our community and beyond for years to come."

Eric & Janelle Shuey, parents to Jenna ('20) and Jake ('23)


"This campaign is not just about building Doors to Discovery, it is about opening them as well. We feel all children deserve to reach their full potential. For some that means benefiting from an environment enriched through economic diversity. For others that means having an educational experience they would otherwise be shut out from. A fully funded financial aid endowment is the vehicle that will empower The Overlake School to open new Doors so all of its students reach their full potential."

Lee & Shaney Rudolph, parents to Nia (16), Trey ('19), and Sydney ('22)


"I have very fond memories of my high school years at Overlake. Thanks to the wonderful people who are part of the Overlake community, the experiences I had in those formative years helped shape who I am today. Attending Overlake would not have been possible without the assistance of financial aid, and I am forever grateful.”

Miles Glew (’00)


"Receiving financial aid allowed me to take advantage of the unique benefits offered by Overlake, and opened doors to so many opportunities even after I left Overlake.”

Kirby Wetherbee (’18)


"If it weren't for financial aid, I would not have been able to attend Overlake. I am thankful every day that I had that level of education for high school at Overlake, as well as the community, the engagement, and particularly the deep relationships with teachers. It's transformative. I would not have the life I have today if I had gone to another school."

Lauren Russell Nkuranga ('05)


"My eight years at Overlake were made possible by financial aid, and that education was an incredible opportunity that I have never taken for granted. I’ve worked hard to get where I am, but I also know that I built on opportunities that were available to me, including the opportunity to attend Overlake."

Beth Irwin Randall ('99)


"We are so thankful for our Overlake community - our exceptional teachers and administrative staff who inspire our kids to learn and be their best, our students who are curious and committed to learning and growing, and our community of families who have become friends to us. This is why we give, and we look forward to seeing The Overlake School continue to thrive."

Lucy & Mark Hur, parent of Alex (’23)


"Having spent over two decades on this beautiful Overlake campus, I have witnessed its many layers of growth. As an English teacher, I experienced the inspiration that came when I moved my classes into the Humanities building its inaugural year. As a parent, I observed my two children benefit from classes and activities in each new building that I’d watched undergo construction. As a donor, I am excited to support Doors to Discovery because I want each new student who drives up our hill to experience the Overlake I know and love."

Karen Mihata, English Faculty and parent to Annika (’21) and Kai (’18)


"My husband and I were happy to support the Doors to Discovery campaign this year. First impressions matter. We all know that incredible feeling of walking through Overlake’s beautiful campus, taking in the scent of the trees as we make our way from a choir concert in Fulton to the Campus Center for a midmorning snack. We know all that makes this school special – earnest, enthusiastic, creative students, dedicated faculty and staff, co-curricular programs like Project Week and outdoor education – and prospective students and families deserve to see everything that Overlake has to offer too! Our contribution to the Doors to Discovery campaign is helping to create a window for new families to see into the world of Overlake that we all know and love. "

Jenni Baldwin, English Faculty

"It was my pleasure to contribute to Doors to Discovery. As an Upper School science teacher, the opportunities afforded to our students in the new building are countless. Exploration and collaboration are so important in science; the flexible spaces allow teachers and students to perform science, not only how we are performing it today, but how science will be performed for many years to come. One of my goals as a teacher is to inspire my students to love the natural world and hopefully pursue careers in science fields. The ability to learn techniques they might only otherwise learn in college or to pursue research partnerships with universities or other industries in our area will allow students to explore science even more meaningfully. I can’t wait to see students working problems together on whiteboards in the common spaces, building models, collecting samples from the pond outside and doing labs in the classrooms. I can’t wait to teach in such an amazing space!"

Stephanie Belières, Science Faculty


"We appreciate how the new Math and Sciences Center embodies the values that make Overlake such a great fit for our son: it’s built for top notch academics, yet gives equal weight to the creation of spaces for building community and fostering collaboration. We gave during our son’s first year at Overlake as part of joining in the shared mission to provide a great education for all of our kids – and even though our gift may be just a small drop in the bucket, we feel good about participating in the school’s efforts to innovate and improve."

Peter Berger & Jessica Rossman, parent of Theo (’27) and Torben (’29)


"In our old building, the classroom was just the classroom, but now the classroom is the entire building and the larger campus environment. We are so much more connected to our space here and each other now. I am really excited about the community office space that faculty get to share again to meet and talk with our science colleagues. The back and forth will allow us to connect what we are doing in the math classroom with what is happening in the science classroom. We can make sure that their math skills and their science skills are growing in tandem in a way that is fruitful for our students. The space itself is so conducive to the opportunities that we are so excited to return to. The catalyst to me, as wonderful as the building is, it is the opportunity to engage with students and reach out to students. This new space is going to have so much opportunity for growth, innovation, and engagement."

Chris Border, Math Faculty & Department Head


"I am grateful that we get a space that will provide such great opportunities for our students."

Nate Edmunds, English Faculty


"I supported Doors to Discovery because I am an Owl at heart, and as a compassionate member of the Overlake community I wanted to make a difference and invest in the future of Overlake. As a math teacher at Overlake, I am super excited about the possibilities that the new Math & Sciences Center will bring for our students to help them reach their fullest potential. I am particularly excited about all the flexible spaces that this amazing facility will provide to foster collaboration, innovative teaching, and creativity in learning that will challenge and inspire students. I am grateful to each and every person in our community (parents/guardians, alums, alum parents, grandparents, and staff and teachers) who contributed to the Doors to Discovery campaign. This new facility will benefit our entire community and will be a place for everyone at Overlake to gather, celebrate, and discover all that Overlake has to offer inside and outside of the classroom."

Laya Fawal, Math Faculty


"Our family supported the new Math & Sciences Center as our way of giving back to Overlake for all they have done to support our children's love of science and math. Our oldest son Adam is studying Mechanical Engineering in college, inspired by unique classes at Overlake, like Digital Instrumentation. Our middle son Jared is a Junior at Overlake, who has developed a love of robotics, in part through Overlake's robotics team, and classes like Engineering Design and Analysis. Our youngest son, Danny, a Freshman at Overlake, is by nature a Latin scholar and musician, but who is starting to thrive in his math and science classes, opening new interests and passions for him. We're so thankful for everything that Overlake has done for our three boys, and we hope that our support of the Math & Sciences Center can help inspire and encourage other future engineers and scientists."

Erica & Joshua Goodman, parents of Adam (’20), Danny (’24), and Jared (’22)


"Creativity and curiosity combined with rigorous skepticism, analysis and modelling is the hallmark of scientific thought and investigation. We believe that providing children with the right facilities and equipment to learn this approach is central to any education."

Alex Hehmeyer & Jaime Teevan, parents of Brier (’26), Cale (’24), Dillon (’24), and Griffin (’22)


"I am excited that my fifth graders can look forward to being in such a magnificent and state-of-the-art facility!"

Patricia Noble, Math Faculty and parent of Julia (’17) and Sarah (’13)


"I believe the new Math & Sciences Center will inspire my students and keep them curious about the world around them! I am so grateful for this space!"

Jen Pan, Science Faculty


"One of our important family values is giving back to the community. Over the years, The Overlake School has given our two kids support and learning opportunities that have opened up their curiosity and knowledge in many areas including STEM. Our son has since graduated and is pursuing STEM in college, which would not have been possible without the math and sciences learning he received at Overlake. By giving back to the Overlake community, we hope all kids get to have a rich learning experience with the new Math & Sciences Center. We believe opening up opportunities for all kids will leave the world a better place for all."

Farzana Rahman & Jay Raja, parents of Aidan (’20) and Aisha (’27)


"As a teacher, I’m excited about having the appropriate space to facilitate activities that will allow students to engage with information in meaningful ways. For a number of years, math and computer science classes have been taught in up to 4 different buildings on campus due to lack of space. Having the whole department together in one building will allow for greater collegiality and collaboration, as well as use of departmental resources."

Denise Renno, Math Faculty


"I am thrilled to start working in this beautiful, spacious, and flexible space! The classroom designs enable seamless transitions between individual, collaborative, whole-class, and laboratory work. The outstanding science equipment (lab stations, fume hoods, and prep rooms) allows for meaningful demonstrations of the concepts. The availability of both common and private gathering spaces will facilitate student collaboration outside of class time and one-on-one meetings of students and teachers. The Idea Lab will spark countless creative endeavors as yet unimagined. And the bright rooms, high ceilings, and beautiful spaces and views make this a space where staff and teachers alike will want to spend their days."

Emma Ross, Science Faculty


"We hope that our Math & Sciences Center will match the quintessence and grandeur of mathematics and science, providing a perfect home for Overlake students' learning spirit and passion for generations to come."

Xiong Wang & Yuqing Zhong, parents of Vincent (’24)


"We believe that the Math & Sciences Center is a magical place. In this space, not only our son, but all current and future students will be able to learn and explore the math and science disciplines, be inspired and challenged, and come up with millions of new ideas. We are so honored to be part of the community to make this happen."

Shengang Yuan & Shuang Hou, parents of Felix (’23)