Student Government

Middle School

The Middle School Student Council consists of an elected representative from each homeroom. The Middle School student body will elect a President, Vice-President, and Secretary. The above elected officials will head the student council. Requirements for participation in the student council include good academic standing and a good citizenship record.

The Overlake Middle School Student Council seeks to enrich the lives of all Overlake Middle School students through designing, promoting and operating activities, educational speakers, trips, dances, assemblies and other programs

Upper School

The ASB is the student government. The ASB addresses campus concerns as they arise, promotes school unity, contributes to school spirit and pride, and assists the school whenever it can. The ASB officers are elected in the spring of each year for the following year. Student government officers are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Social Activities Coordinator. Further, there are two class representatives and a spirit captain from each class that are also elected in the spring that serve on the ASB. These representatives serve as advocates for their class as well as participate in the running of the ASB as a whole. The senior spirit captain is the only spirit representative that regularly attends ASB meetings, although spirit representatives from other grade levels may be asked to attend when needed.

2019-20 US ASB Executive Office Candidates

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  • Anna Diaconu
  • Evan Lauer

Vice President

  • Allie Pae
  • Bella Steedly
  • Ishaan Sharma


  • Jay Sivadas
  • Yash Mehta

Social Coordinator

  • Catherine Huang
  • Maya Bhat 


Krishna Davda
Assistant Upper School Head