Program, Curriculum, and Philosophy

Overlake is striving to become a community where everyone is technology-literate. Our teachers and students further their expertise and experience by using technology for teaching and learning. As a result, technology is integrated into the core academic program.

For students wishing to explore more advanced topics in technology, additional courses are offered. Please note that some of these courses receive art, math and computer science, or social studies credit.

Please visit our Curriculum guide for a listing of all current Technology Courses.

Students organize various technology clubs, with faculty/staff sponsors providing leadership and support. In the past we have offered Robotics Club, Technology Leadership Club, Ethical Hacking Club, Networking Engineering Club, Girls Who Code, and a Radio/Broadcasting Club. The clubs constantly evolve, since they’re based on student interest.

The philosophy of the Technology Department is to enhance strategies, practices, and infrastructure to effectively utilize relevant emerging technologies.

Ideas for Implementation:

  • Prioritize, design, and implement technology experiences and products that will enhance teaching, learning, and administrative functions. Examples include learning management systems, digital assessment tools, integrated databases, multimedia and mobile technologies.
  • Enable and promote the safe and ethical use of technology.
  • Improve and update hardware/software systems available to the Overlake community for campus communication, collaboration, and the management of information in school operations.
  • Provide mentoring and training opportunities to encourage technology experimentation and integration of emerging educational technologies.
  • Regularly report technology practices and projects to the Overlake community to facilitate awareness and adoption.

The mission of The Overlake School is to inspire excellence, develop intellectual curiosity, teach responsibility, embrace diversity and foster a compassionate community. In keeping with that mission all students and their parents or guardians must agree to the following Technology Use Policy as a condition of enrollment at The Overlake School. Failure to follow the policy will result in disciplinary action and referral to the Assistant Upper School Head, Middle or Upper School Heads, or the Director of Technology.


As members of the Overlake community, students will use technology responsibly by acting in a considerate, safe, and ethical manner in line with the mission of the school. Students will understand that the ethical use of technology extends beyond the school day and school buildings. Students will be mindful of how they present themselves online and offline, and understand that their words have the power to affect others’ and their own safety. Students will strive to model and practice these behaviors in both online and offline environments. School rules that govern respect for others, respect for property, academic honesty, and harassment apply on- and off-campus to any use of computer hardware, software, the Internet, electronic mail, social media, and related resources.

Excellence & Respect

  1. I will treat personally-owned and school-provided technology and equipment with the same care, respect, and prudent caution as any other school resource or property.
  2. I will bring my device(s) to school fully charged and in good working condition.
  3. I will make sure that I use equipment in a clean environment away from water, food, paint, etc.
  4. I will follow the technology expectations, norms and instructions as described in this document and as set by teachers and staff members for individual projects and spaces.

Community, Diversity, & Ethics

  1. I will represent myself in honest and authentic ways.
  2. I will not represent other people’s work as my own, will follow best practices for respecting copyright, and will give credit by properly citing all resources.
  3. I will not use other people's passwords or access others' files. I will access shared files only with the owner’s permission.
  4. I will access and create only material that is considered appropriate in our school community. I will not send or access inappropriate, violent, mature, harmful content electronically, including harassing, insulting, or attacking others in words, images, or video.
  5. I will be mindful of the environment by reducing how much I print.

Responsibility & Safety

  1. During instructional time, I will use accounts and technology only for school-related activities.
  2. During instructional time, I will access and use only teacher-approved software, websites, and printers when given permission, and in appropriate locations.
  3. I will protect my privacy and the privacy of others by never giving out personal information or passwords.
  4. I will tell an adult if I ever feel unsafe while using technology.
  5. I will not use technology to create harmful situations for others.

By giving my consent, I understand:

  • Using technology is a privilege and may be limited if students do not use it responsibly;
  • Overlake will investigate any misconduct as needed.

In addition to our Technology Use Policy, the Technology and Teaching & Learning teams have outlined Overlake Online Learning Expectations for students and all members of the community to meet when learning in online environments.


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