General Electives

Journalism in the Classroom: The Overlake Independent

Semester elective. May be repeated for credit.

Like to write? Take photos? Shoot video? Draw cartoons? Design flashy pages? Or just want to try your hand at one or more of those? The Overlake Independent offers all those opportunities in covering school news across multiple platforms: from Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to a hard-copy magazine.

The course starts with the basics of reporting -- who, what, when, where, why and how – and then staff run weekly editorial meetings to plan which stories to tackle and where to publish them. Experienced journalists who have worked in both newspaper and digital newsrooms will provide feedback. Grades will be based on contributions to The Independent and improvements during the semester. Find your inner journalist through compelling writing and visuals!

Yearbook Production

Full-year elective. May be repeated for credit.

Help decide what's covered in the Overlake Odyssey while also developing editing, design and photography skills. Yearbook staff will brainstorm what theme to choose, as well as what topics to include, and everyone works on a variety of pages throughout the year. The main goal of this year-long class is to produce a high quality yearbook. One credit is earned for successful completion of Yearbook. However, it does not count toward fulfillment of the English requirement.