Welcome to ParentNet!

Would you like to discuss everyday parenting challenges with other Overlake parents?
Would you like to meet or get to better know other Overlake parents?

Here’s your opportunity! Come join your grade-level ParentNet meetings, held twice a year – in the fall and spring.

ParentNet is a national program that provides a structured, robust forum where parents share concerns and offer solutions to parenting issues related to a specific grade level.

With so much technology available today, our children are doing a lot of networking. Doesn’t it make sense for parents to do some networking too? Connectivity between the parents of each class is the key to creating a safe, functional community for our children and their classmates. In this way, through ParentNet, we can help create a safety net for our children.

ParentNet Meeting Dates 2024-25

ParentNet Meetings will be held in the Campus Center. The meeting dates are found here

Want to know more about ParentNet?

ParentNet was developed at The Overlake School in 1992 to facilitate discussion of everyday parenting topics, encourage parent networking and mutual support, and enhance communication between parents, students, and schools. After expansion of our program to eight other pilot schools, ParentNet received a generous gift in the year 2000 to create the National ParentNet Association, making it available to schools throughout the country.



Susan Essex
Director of Student Support

Haruka Kuga