The 2024-25 Season

Overlake enjoys a proud tradition of success - both on and off the field. The school athletic experience is unique compared to community-based athletics. In addition to the friendships, skill development, community support, and leadership development Overlake Athletics fosters, Overlake student athletes also earn high grades, develop healthy lifestyle habits, and experience one of the best opportunities at Overlake to bond with others through their team experience.


MS and US sports registration for the Fall Season is due by Friday, June 20. You can register for all Fall Sports by using the following Fall Sports Registration forms:

Middle School Registration Form
Upper School Registration Form

The medical forms required for participation can be uploaded in the Magnus medical forms portal. Parents/guardians can go directly to Magnus and log in using their Veracross credentials. Check the Portals Health Hub for a complete listing of forms, due dates, and instructions. 

  • Magnus will ask if your child plans to play sports. Selecting yes will open a new requirement allowing you to choose the sport(s) you child plans to play. If unsure, please select yes to this question. You can go back and change your answer
  • If you are changing sports within two weeks of the start of the season, please contact Kim Stevens and Alicia Gold

Offerings & Dates

US Athletics

  • Starts on Monday, August 26
  • Offerings
    • Boys & Girls Cross Country
    • Boys Golf
    • Girls Soccer
    • Boys Tennis
    • Boys Ultimate
    • Girls Volleyball

MS Athletics 

  • Starts on Tuesday, September 3
  • Offerings
    • Boys & Girls Soccer (interscholastic grades 6-8, Intramural grades 5 & 6)
    • Boys & Girls Cross Country (grades 6-8)
    • Girls Volleyball (grades 6-8)

US Athletics

  • Starts on Monday, November 11
  • Offerings
    • Boys & Girls Basketball

MS Athletics

  • Season 1 starts on
    • Boys - Monday, October 21
    • Girls - Monday, October 28
  • Season 2 starts on
    • Boys & Girls - Tuesday, January 7
  • Offerings
    • Boys & Girls Basketball (interscholastic grades 6-8, intramural grades 5-8)

US Athletics

  • Starts on Monday, February 24
  • Offerings
    • Boys Baseball
    • Girls Golf
    • Boys & Girls Lacrosse
    • Boys Soccer
    • Girls Tennis
    • Girls Ultimate

MS Athletics

  • MS Boys & Girls lacrosse starts on Monday, February 24
  • MS start date for the remaining sports will be Monday, March 3
  • Offerings
    • Boys Baseball
    • Boys & Girls Golf (grades 7 & 8)
    • Boys & Girls Lacrosse
    • Boys & Girls Ultimate

Athletic Training

The Overlake School is proud to be a recipient of the National Athletic Trainer’s Association's (NATA) 1st team Safe Sport School Award. It is Overlake's commitment to provide a fun, competitive, and safe athletic experience for every Owl student athlete. Overlake employs a full time Athletic Trainer (AT) to ensure that our students receive the best medical care. ATs provide athletic healthcare for the prevention, acute evaluation, emergency treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries. See the Athletic Training page for more information.


Upper school practices will be 2 hours in length, 2 and a half hours is allotted for early season skills assessment (first 3 days of practice). Middle School practices will be 1 hour and 15 minutes. Upper school practice is daily with occasional Saturdays. Middle school teams practice 2-3 times per week.

Program-specific game schedules, pre-season notices, and coach contact info is available on the team pages. For information about other teams' practices or games, please check out the athletic calendar.

Our program is built around our student athletes commitment to their teams. All athletes are expected to attend all practices and games. Any absence requests are to be directed to the head coach of the team. It is important to know that out-of-school activities (music lessons, tutor sessions, religion classes, club sport practices, etc.) are not excusable. Academic responsibilities such as homework are expected of each athlete and therefore are not a reason to miss athletics. If a student does not attend school because of illness, he/she is excused from athletics for the day and is expected to stay home.

Overlake believes that any student who turns out for a team should be placed on one, no matter the student's skill level or experience. We are proud of the fact that we have a wide range of athletes among our 55+ teams each year, each receiving a competitive experience and all of the benefits that playing sports provides. Athletes are placed on teams by skill level. Our league membership at both the middle and upper school levels offer rival schools who have similar philosophies, so finding appropriate competition for the most advanced, beginner, or those teams in between, is entirely possible.

Overlake's coaching staff is a talented group of experienced leaders who generally have had outstanding athletic experiences of their own and use sports as their classroom to teach the mission of our school. Though a few each year are new to Overlake, the vast majority are established role models on and off our campus who choose to coach here because of the character of the athletes, the quality of the facilities, and the support they receive.

Overlake parents are certainly role models and that extends to their behavior at our athletic events. My advice: release your child to the game, to his/her professional coach, and always remember that these are your child's athletic experiences, not your own. Don't try to fix everything - your child's role on the team, team strategies, and player rotations - that is the job of the coach. It is your child who signed up to play, let your child work within the team.

Athletes will be issued practice gear, uniforms, and equipment based on their sport and team assignment. Athletes are expected to keep all items in good working condition and return all items (except billed consumables) within one week of the end of their season.

Student accounts will be billed for any lost or damaged items at the following rates:

  • Jersey - $150-$350
  • Shorts/Kilt/Skirt - $50-$75
  • Jacket - $100-$300
  • Pants - $75-$100
  • Bag - $75-$300



John Wiley
Athletic Director


Mike Fine
Middle School Athletic Director