Outdoor Education

The Overlake School Outdoor Education Program was born under the philosophy that students learn and grow in an outdoor environment. Our trips emphasize cooperation, perseverance, concentration, judgment, and leadership by creating an experience in which the wilderness and the activities involved challenge the students to address these traits. Our goals are:

  • For students to gain exposure to new experiences which challenge their physical and emotional limits, thereby challenging them to expand those limits and develop the confidence to take healthy risks and strive for success.
  • For students to be placed in an environment in which they need to take responsibility for their own actions and belongings and to cooperate and work together with others.
  • For students to develop an appreciation for the natural environment through first-hand experience.
  • For students to gain a basic knowledge of various natural science topics through field observations and apply some of what they have learned in the classroom.
  • For students to learn skills necessary to undertake various activities in the outdoors.


José Gonzalez

Experiential Education Department Chair