Athletics FAQ

Each year 80-85% of Overlake students participate in Athletics. Most Owl athletes play two seasons and many play all three.

Quick Facts

  • Teams: 50+
  • Coaches: 80+
  • Leagues (participants listed in the FAQ below)
    • Upper School: Emerald Sound Conference
    • Middle School: Cross Town Middle School League
  • Affiliations: 1A Classification, Sea-King District 2
  • Colors: Green & Gold
  • Mascot: Hootie the Owl


The mission of the Athletic Department is “Teaching character to multi-sport athletes in a fun and competitive environment."

Our Athletic Philosophy falls under three major components:

  • Student Participation
  • Skill Development
  • Teaching Values

Student Participation is vital to our programs. The Athletic Department at Overlake seeks to create a competitive, fun environment, where every athlete has a strong chance to succeed and therefore will choose to participate.

Skill Development is the key to success on the field, with excellent coaches teaching skills to athletes who gain experience and confidence in executing what they have learned.

Teaching Values is the single most important thing an Overlake coach can do. Instilling a work ethic, teambuilding and teaching the values of sportsmanship in both sports and life pay valuable dividends to the student long after his/her playing career is over.

Overlake players are assigned to teams after a turnout period at the beginning of each sport season. Coaches are responsible for communicating expectations to players regarding team selection to students at pre-season meetings, as well as at the start of tryouts. Only ability and attitude are considered; no preference is given to older players over younger ones. For example, seniors have no guarantee of being selected as varsity players.

At the middle school level, eighth grade athletes are not given any advantage over sixth or seventh grade athletes when middle school teams are selected.

We encourage all students to participate in athletics at Overlake, regardless of their natural abilities or experience. In general, Middle School coaches build technical skills and introduce values such as leadership, team unity, and good sportsmanship. At the varsity level, student-athletes need to have the advanced skills and experience that enable teams to be competitive within the league.

We strive to promote life-long lessons in ethics, responsibility, and charabter throughout all levels of athletics.

Medical: Each student must have current Annual Medical Information Form on file with the school. Coaches must have copies of player forms with them at all team events.

Academic: Students need to have a 2.0 minimum grade point average during the last grading period to participate. Varsity head coaches may choose to raise this standard for their teams. The middle or upper school head may hold a student out of athletics should the student be facing extreme academic difficulty. That administrator would then give notice to the athletic director and coach of the conditions for the athlete to return to play.

To Be Eligible To Practice:

  • The student must have attended all classes of the school day. It is the teacher’s responsibility to contact the athletic department to notify prior to practice if the student skipped the class.

Only Exception(s): If the student had a medical appointment and therefore missed class – supported by a doctor’s note if asked. Coaches may also excuse athletes on a case-by-case basis but only with prior notification/discussion with the athletic director.

To Be Eligible to Play in a Game:

  • For Upper School athletes, per W.I.A.A. rules, the student must have completed 10 team practices prior to the first competition (except in golf).

    Please Note: Day of game (WIAA 17.9.7) and pre-game warm ups (WIAA 17.9.8) do NOT count towards the 10 practice minimum.
  • Middle School athletes need to be in appropriate physical condition – as demonstrated to the coach in practices prior – before participating in any contests.
  • In addition, the student must have attended all classes of the school day. It is the teacher’s responsibility to contact the athletic department to notify prior to practice if the student skipped the class.

    Only Exception: If the student had a medical appointment and therefore missed class – supported by a doctor’s note, if needed.

Practice & Game Attendance: If a player has an unexcused absence from a practice or a game, the player is suspended for the next contest. If the player has another unexcused absence, the player may be dismissed from the team.

Please Note: Once the student attends school, only the coach can excuse the athlete from practice or a game (homework is not an excuse).

Team Policies: Coaches may construct additional team rules regarding participation. Those rules are to be emailed to the athletic director for approval then to all parents of players prior to games starting.

Drugs & Alcohol: See Overlake's Athletics Harmful Substances Policy.

New Students, Transfers, and Foreign Exchange: New Overlake students in grades 10-12, mid-year transfers, or foreign exchange students, need to see the athletic director prior to placement of that student on a varsity roster as they may be athletically ineligible.

Age, ability and attitude of a student within an Overlake sport separate our three levels of competition. It is a program of inclusion, not no cut. Our participation numbers will dictate the number of teams we will field in each sport. Every student who meets practice requirements will be eligible to play on an Overlake team.

Varsity Level: Varsity teams strive for excellence against the competition yet they display the many values of teamwork, sportsmanship and commitment. Players on varsity teams are taught that the team’s goals are each player’s focus. Playing time in games is the coach’s decision and can vary considerably among players. There are times when some players will not play in a varsity contest.

Junior Varsity and C Teams: Junior Varsity sports offer students an opportunity to improve their individual skills while learning the values of teamwork in a less competitive environment than the varsity level. Coaches place an emphasis on improvement and winning is secondary.

Middle School: For first timers or aspiring athletes, our middle school teams provide a solid introduction into Overlake team sports. Coaches emphasize the effort given by each athlete in practice as well as the improvement of the team overall. Players can learn how to work hard, how to be a good teammate, and learn respect for opponents, officials and fans. The interaction of these student-athletes on the fields and courts at this level helps create a fun environment.

Middle School Levels: In soccer, basketball and lacrosse, we often have to make more than one team because the high student participation in the specific program. When this occurs, we will separate teams by ability as evaluated by our coaches. Thus gives every student the best chance to have success. The teams are named, “Green, Gold and White,” which are Overlake colors.

Starting in Spring 2017, all athletes who choose to not finish the season with their team will not qualify for a varsity letter. In addition, the following criteria is considered by specific programs:  

Fall Season

Boys’ Ultimate

A player must be on the varsity roster for the majority of the season and must be on the roster at the end of the season. They must have played in a minimum of 30% of varsity games. In certain situations, the Varsity Head Coach may use their discretion to award a letter to a player or team manager for their commitment to the program.

Girls’ Soccer

A player must be on the varsity roster for the majority of the season or play in a minimum of 50% of the varsity games.

Boys’ Tennis

Players selected or moved up to the varsity team and complete the season will receive a letter.

Girls’ Volleyball

A player must be on the varsity roster for the majority of the season or play in a minimum of 50% of the varsity games.

Boys’ Golf

A player must be on the varsity roster for the majority of the season.

Cross Country

Earning a Varsity Letter in Cross Country is achieved by accumulating at least 25 points in any given season.  Points will be calculated in the following manner:

Performance-based points:

  • Finishing any season meet - 1 point
  • Scoring in a regular season meet (top 5 on team) - 1 point
  • Running for the varsity team at an invitational meet - 1 point
  • Scoring at an invitational meet (top 5 on team) - 2 points
  • Running for the varsity team at the League Championships - 1 point
  • Scoring for varsity team at the League Championships - 3 points
  • Running for the varsity team at Districts - 2 points
  • Scoring for the varsity team at Districts - 4 points
  • Running at State (individually or with team) - 5 points
  • Scoring for team at State - AUTOMATIC LETTER

  • Breaking 20:00 at a 5k meet (each instance) - BOYS - 1 point
  • Breaking 19:00 at a 5k meet (each instance) - BOYS - 2 points
  • Breaking 18:00 at a 5k meet (each instance) - BOYS - 3 points

  • Breaking 24:00 at a 5k meet (each instance) - GIRLS - 1 point
  • Breaking 23:00 at a 5k meet (each instance) - GIRLS - 2 points
  • Breaking 22:00 at a 5k meet (each instance) - GIRLS - 3 points

Points based on value to team:

  • Commitment award - for each season served, retroactive - 4 points

    Example : Johnny is a freshman and completes the full season = 4 points.  His Varsity letter is very dependent on his performances.

Ricky is a junior and has 3 years with the team and completes the full season = 12 points.  He now needs 13 more points based on performance to earn a Varsity letter.

Susie is a senior but is turning out for the first time = same scenario as Johnny.

Winter Season

Girls' Basketball

A player must play in a minimum of 20 varsity quarters.

Boys' Basketball

In order to earn a varsity letter in boys' basketball, a player must play in 20 varsity quarters during a basketball season. Certain situations may arise in which the Varsity Head Coach may use their discretion to award a letter to a player, team manager, or other participant in the basketball program for their commitment.

Spring Season


A player must be on the varsity team for the entire season or play in  50% or more of the varsity games.

Girls' Golf

A player must be on varsity for the entire season and play in at least 2 matches.

Girls' Lacrosse

A player must regularly attend all practices and games. Additionally, a player meeting the previous criteria must play in 50% or more of Varsity games.

Boys' Lacrosse

A player must be on the varsity team for the entire season or have played in a minimum of 7 varsity games.

Boys' Soccer

A player must be on the varsity roster for the majority of the season.

Overlake provides practice gear, uniforms, and equipment based on the athlete's sport and team assignment. In some sports students may need to provide essentials such as socks or shorts, due to wear and tear.

Athletes are expected to keep all items in good working condition and return all items (except those billed "consumables") within one week of the end of their season. Late fees may be applied if a student does not return gear within the one week post season window.

Student accounts will be billed for any lost or damaged items at the following rates:

  • Jersey - $150
  • Practice Pinnie (Printed Reversible Practice Jersey) - $5-$100
  • Shorts/Kilt/Skirt - $50
  • Jacket - $200
  • Pants - $75
  • Bag - $75
  • Other items not listed - Varied

Persons interested in coaching positions at The Overlake School should email John Wiley, Athletic Director, or call him at 425-602-7028. If you have a special interest in Overlake and believe you have the skills to offer, please contact the Athletics Department.

Emerald Sound Conference

  • Bear Creek
  • Bush
  • Eastside Prep
  • Forest Ridge
  • Granite Falls
  • Kings
  • Northwest
  • Overlake
  • Seattle Academy
  • South Whidbey
  • Sultan
  • Summit Sierra
  • University Prep

Crosstown Middle School League

  • Bear Creek
  • Bellevue Christian
  • Bush
  • Cedar Park Christian
  • Forest Ridge
  • Northwest
  • Overlake
  • Seattle Academy
  • Shoreline Christian
  • University Prep

Please read through these quick and easy end-of-season reminders to insure we conclude the season in a positive manner.

Team Uniform Return – For Coaches and Parents

  • Players need to bring a change of clothes to the last game. Coaches will collect uniforms after the game is concluded.
  • If a player is sick and cannot make the last game, parents need to have their son or daughter return their uniform, practice jersey and any other equipment to the Athletic Department with their name pinned to the uniform by the end of the last week of games.
  • All uniforms, practice gear and equipment must be returned to the Athletic Department within one week of the last game. Families will be charged for missing items.

Team Parties – For Coaches and Parents

  • At the MS level, the coach will select the time and location and should email families this information. Any other food or drinks purchased for these events by parents are not reimbursable.
  • US party plans will be communicated by the coaches. Think “Potluck”.

Coach Gifts – For Parents only

Coaches' gifts are not required, however if you would like to recognize your coach, please limit the amount of your gift to the following amounts:

  • Middle School Coach: $50.00
  • JV & Assistant Coaches: $75.00
  • Varsity Head Coaches: $100.00

Coaches' gifts purchased by families cannot be charged back to student accounts.

John Wiley, CMAA

Athletic Director


Mike Fine

Middle School Athletic Director


Kim Stevens

Athletic Trainer, ATC, AT/L


Alicia Gold, RAA

Athletic Department Assistant


Athletic Office Fax: 425-897-7915

The Overlake Athletics Club (OAC) initially formed in 1994 under the name Overlake Booster Club. With over 80% of our students in grades 5-12 participating in Overlake Athletics, the OAC’s role has never been so vital. The purpose of the Overlake Athletics Club is to support Overlake Athletics through fundraising, promotion of athletic events and enhancing school spirit. OAC's income comes from the sales of Overlake promotional items (sweatshirts, shirts, etc) and donations from parents.

The time and energy parent volunteers give to the Overlake Athletics Club and our student athletes is impressive. With over 55 Overlake teams, volunteers are needed as photographers, promotional item sales people, fundraiser assistants, and Sports Night Celebration planners. All parents are invited to “Give A Hoot” and join us in Helping Our Overlake Teams!

Looking for Overlake logo spirit wear?

Customized Overlake sports bag, sweatshirt, t-shirts, socks, hats, scarves, PJ pants, and accessories are available online. You can purchase online at certain times during the year. Parent volunteers will pull your order in once the sale period closes and you will receive an email to pick up your order from the school's front office.


John Wiley

Athletic Director



Mike Fine

Middle School Athletic Director