Overlake’s club program offers students an opportunity during the school day to pursue interests and passions that they otherwise might not have the time or opportunity to develop. The school makes every effort to protect club time in the schedule. Participation in clubs is mandatory for all MS students as well as 9th-grade students in their first semester.  However, although participation in clubs is optional after that, Overlake strongly recommends that students use this time to get involved.

In the Upper School, club leadership or sponsorship provides an opportunity for students to develop the skills necessary to create unique offerings and guide their peers in activities for which they have a passion. Upper School clubs are offered on a semester basis, and attendance during club periods is mandatory to earn credit for the club.

Aeronautical Engineering
Explore aerodynamics and the ins-and-out of radio-control planes through the design and construction of fully-functional models

Album club
It's like a book club, but for music albums

Art & Media
The focus of this club will be on learning and on the process of creating art and media

Asian Culture Club
Our goal is to give a chance to people to educate themselves to what's happening regarding Asian populations and immerse in the culture

Baking Club
Our goal is to allow a break from the busy school day and have the opportunity to learn a fun, new skill

Book Club
If you like to read, you will like this club. If you don't like to read, this club will make you like to read. No politics, just fun

Civil Discourse Club
We want to provide a safe space for people to freely express their feelings and viewpoints.

Clothing Club
Our goal is to create a community of students who have a passion for clothing/fashion where we can discuss and learn about the fashion world

Coffee & Conversations
Explore relevant social justice issues to start important conversations, while sharing and expressing work through various creative outlets

Cube Club
Our goal is to relax during the day by solving a Rubik's cube and socializing with other members and to teach new cubers to solve the puzzle

To create an opportunity for young leaders in our community to explore career-oriented topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, finance

Dungeons & Dragons Club
Life's stressful. Don't add even more to your workload - play an RPG with us instead! D6s not included

Environmental Club
Dedicated to addressing environmental justice issues in and out of Overlake, through science, political, and action-based initiatives

In online school, we sit on our butts all day. E-xercise provides engaging virtual workouts where we can talk, sweat together, and HAVE FUN

Film Festival Club
To create cinematic masterpieces while having fun. Literally just make films for fun

Forefront/Teen Link
Our goal is to provoke conversation about mental health and take action to raise awareness

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Club
Our goal is to prepare and practice for FBLA competitions. During our clubs we will teach our members how to be successful in competitions

Gender Equality Club
To invite discourse around issues of gender equality in and out of Overlake

Girl Power - Educating the Future
Fundraising, service projects, and largescale event planning, to raise awareness and support for global girls' education and empowerment

Girl Up Club
Girl Up is a campaign of the UN Foundation that engages passionate advocates for global gender equality to raise awareness and change policy

To further diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus through education, activism, and outreach

Investing Club
The goal of Investing Club is to create a fun environment where people can learn how to invest, all while spending time with their peers

Jazz Club
Our goal is to bring together (virtually, then in-person) students with musical/jazz inclinations to work on standards/charts together

Junior State of America (JSA)
JSA is a national organization run entirely by high schoolers, devoted to civic engagement, fighting political apathy one student at a time

Kiva Club
To raise and utilize funds for Kiva microloans as we explore world issues through a business/finance lens

Math Club
Foster a relaxed, helpful environment where students bond & serve over a shared passion for math & test their abilities in math competitions

Neuroscience Club
Our goal is to introduce students to neuroscience and allow them to apply their existing knowledge to understand physiology and psychology

Outreach Club
Our goal is to involve Overlake's student body in engaging and fun service opportunities that benefit our local and global communities

Overlake Period Chapter
PERIOD aims to end period poverty and stigma. We hold fundraisers, webinars & fight for menstrual equity in jails, schools, and facilities

Programming Club
We have merged Programming Club with Girls Who Code. This club will serve as a hub for students interested in CS to pursue related projects

Psychology Club
To promote interest, learning and advancement in the field of psychology through fun activities (with psych related service opportunities!)

Quiz Bowl Club
To form team(s) that will practice & participate in quiz bowl tournaments with the aim to represent Overlake in nationals

Red Cross Club
We are part of the Northwest Chapter of Red Cross. Our goal is to organize 3 major service projects that are applicable for service hours

Science Club
Science Club works to explore new scientific ideas through a range of experiments & discussions and by planning a virtual science symposium

SOCO Committee
Want to decide dance themes? Decorations? Join SOCO committee for a low commitment, fun experience!

The Trading Room
To practically teach the importance of financial management and education, to understand the sheer difficulty of trading and do it safely

The Weekly Hoot
Overlake's news source that informs and entertains while improving student writing. We publish articles/comics/photography and more!

Unaccompanied Minors
The goal of this club is to provide a safe and fun environment for soprano and alto singers to learn and perform acapella music together

To sing songs acapella, improve our group singing ability, and have fun

Student Resources

Students, please to propose a club, register for clubs, and view upcoming club deadlines, or go directly to your dashboard at MyOverlake to view all student-specific content.


José Gonzalez
Experiential Education Department Chair




Laura Brown
Assistant Director of Experiential Education