How to Apply

December 12, 2013

The Overlake School is one of many Seattle/Eastside independent schools that utilize an online application system called Ravenna.  Ravenna allows applicant families to access and submit all application documents. Many of Overlake’s application documents are common forms that are used by multiple schools.  For those schools who use Ravenna, these commons forms only need to be submitted once in order to be received by them.  In addition, reservations for on-campus events, visit days, and interviews are accepted through the applicant’s Ravenna account. 


Application Requirements

Select a requirement below for more information:

  1. Initial Application

    To begin the application process, first create a Ravenna Account.

    The initial application requests basic information along with an application fee of $50 for domestic applicants or $200 for international applicants.  International applicants are any students who are attending a school outside the United States, regardless of country of birth and citizenship. Application fee waivers are available upon request.

  2. Parent Statement

    The parent statement provides us with important family information and allows us to learn more about family dynamics and goals.

  3. Student Essay

    The student essay allows us to gauge the applicant’s writing ability and learn more about their foundational life experiences.

  4. Overlake Activities and Interest Form

    This form asks the applicant to share their favorite activities, interests, and passions.

  5. Standardized Testing

    Current year standardized testing results are required. Please see our Testing page for more information.

  6. (2) Teacher Evaluations

    Applicants for grades 5-6: One form must be delegated to a current core grade-level teacher. If there is more than one teacher, delegate the second form to the other teacher. If the applicant has only one core teacher, the second form should be given to the previous year’s teacher.

    Applicants for grades 7-12: Delegate one evaluation form to a current English or Social Studies teacher, and the second request to a current Math or Science teacher.

  7. Report Cards / Transcripts

    Overlake require records from the first term of the 2016-17 school year, along with the previous two school years (2014-15 and 2015-16).  The Common Records Request Form can be printed out from the applicant’s Ravenna account and submitted to their current school.

  8. Student Interview

    Interviews will take place during the applicant's visit day, or on a Saturday morning. Please refer to your Ravenna profile for more information and to schedule an interview.
The Overlake School welcomes students of any race,
religion, national or ethnic origin, socio-economic status,
gender, sexual orientation, or disability.