COVID Guidelines for 2021-22 School Year

The following policies and procedures are put forth in coordination with the Washington Department of Health and in consultation with Overlake's Health & Safety Committee.

Vaccination Requirements:

All students and employees are required to be fully vaccinated, which includes a completed COVID vaccine booster. Proof of vaccination and booster need to be uploaded into our Magnus Health portal. Please find step-by-step directions on how to upload vaccination records here.

All visitors on campus must also be vaccinated and have received a booster vaccine in order to volunteer on campus or attend school events on campus.

Face Covering/Masks:  

It is recommended that you wear a face mask when on campus, but it is not required in all circumstances. Masks will still be required on all school transportation, for choir and band performers, as well as speech & debate team members. 

  • At least three-layer masking is ideal on campus. (N95,KN95,KF94 masks) are encouraged. The most important factor for your mask is that it is well fitting and covers from nose to chin with very little gaps.  

  • Masks not allowed on campus are masks with vents, gaiters, buffs, bandanas, or any single-layer masks.

  • If a mask breaks or becomes soiled, the school can provide a replacement mask.  


  • If a member of the community experiences any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, then the school requires that individual to isolate pending results of a COVID test.  

  • Test results must be submitted to the school Health Director.  

  • Individuals experiencing illness other than COVID may not return to campus until they have been symptom free for more than 24 hours. 

  • Acceptable COVID tests are PCR, NAAT, and Rapid Antigen.

Isolation Requirements:

If an individual is COVID positive, they need to isolate at home for five days. On day 6, they can test at home with an antigen test and can return to school IF they have a negative test. Families must submit their proof of negative test to Dr. Samantha Hillyer at for clearance. Students who are unable to obtain an antigen test to take at home may contact the school to determine next steps. Students may NOT attend school or ride the bus without proof of a negative test submitted. Students returning to campus MUST wear a mask during days 6-10 while on campus.  

If a student is still positive at day 6, the student may continue to rapid antigen test each day until day 10 and submit the test when it is negative to return. A photo of the test with student name and date on it is required for clearance. 

Close Contact of positive COVID individual:

If you come in close contact with an individual who has COVID AND you have received two doses of the vaccine AND you are under the age of 18, you do not need to quarantine. 

If you are unvaccinated or 18+ without a booster vaccine and come in close contact with someone with COVID, you must quarantine for five days AND take a COVID test on day 5. IF the test is negative, email test result to school and return on day 6. If you choose not to test, then it is 10 days of quarantine.

COVID Case in Home/Quarantine Requirements:

There is no longer a requirement to stay at home when there is COVID in your household if you are vaccinated and asymptomatic. We request that you have your COVID positive individual isolated away from other members in the household to reduce transmission risk, and we ask that you continue to monitor for symptoms until 14 days has passed after last contact. Please test your student at home daily (for 5 days) before sending them to school each morning when there is COVID in the household. They should wear a mask during this time when on campus. If you are unable to complete daily testing, or isolate the positive individual, your student should remain at home for 1 week from last contact with the positive individual.  

Per public health, unvaccinated individuals with COVID in the household should remain home for 5 days after the end of isolation date for the infected person that lives in the household and should get tested at least 5 days after the end of the isolation period of the infected person. When they return to campus, they MUST wear a mask during days 6-10.

Here is a listing of free PCR COVID testing locations:

King County locations

Snohomish County locations

Curative testing locations

What to do if feeling ill

Get tested right away!

  • If your student experiences any of the following symptoms, we ask that the student get COVID tested. Click this link for a listing of free PCR testing sites in King County. *This is true for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.
  • Please keep your student home to rest while ill and if awaiting results.
  • Notify Overlake attendance that the student will not be at school.
  • Email COVID results to Health Director Samantha Hillyer at
  • Await clearance on test results from school and be symptom free plus 1 additional day before returning to school.
  • Questions? Please contact Samantha Hillyer

Requirements for School Events

The following requirements are in place for the 2021-22 school year for both on-campus events as well as off-campus, school-sponsored events. 

All Overlake events will require that those in attendance be fully vaccinated if age-eligible. Please have proof of vaccination readily available to show if needed.

  • All events need to be pre-cleared with event details and plans by the Health and Safety Team. All details should be emailed to Dr. Samantha Hillyer at four weeks in advance of the event in order to get a response and adequate preparation of event.
  • All registrations for all events must be through Veracross, including RSVPs. Parent-organized events must coordinate with an Overlake employee to create a Veracross event registration.
  • One person per household must register for each event. 
  • When the event has concluded, event attendance must be reconciled with event registration in order to track those in attendance for health and safety concerns. Event organizers must then confirm that reconciled attendance has been completed with Samantha Hillyer.
  • It is recommended that masks are worn at events.
  • Any food or drink for an event needs to occur outdoors only.
  • All gathering spaces such as the Campus Center, Whitten Center, Fulton Theater, Student Center, Gym will have listed capacity numbers from the Health and Safety team to follow. 
  • Masking required on buses and any other vehicles used for any transportation regardless of vaccination status.
  • Visitors for events during the academic day will check-in at front office and be logged with time of arrival and will be required to wear a mask for the duration of their time on campus.
  • For every event, pre-communication out to invitees will reiterate that if anyone is experiencing ANY symptoms of illness that they refrain from attending. Likewise anyone who has had any exposure to anyone who tests COVID positive, they will also be asked to refrain from attending.