Learning Support

Learning Support is a school-wide service that provides academic support for all students, instructional support for teachers, and guidance and referral for parents. As such, we aim to teach independent learning skills that complement each student’s specific learning needs. Services are delivered in a variety of ways from one-on-one instruction and academic counseling, group work, and grade level programming. If a student has a documented disability, the Learning Specialist (LS) will review needs and work with his/her family and teachers to implement appropriate academic accommodations and instructional strategies.

Learning Support supports students skill sets

  • self-advocacy
  • organization
  • note taking
  • time management
  • test prep
  • executive functioning
  • staying focused and engaged
  • accessing accommodations
  • homework completion
  • assessment (limited)
  • academic anxiety & stress reduction

Services for all students

  • Middle School Study Skills Program: Study skills are taught to students in need of organizational support in the Middle School. These courses are held during Middle School Study Halls throughout the year. Students are referred to the program by either their teacher or the LS.
  • Upper School Workshops: Several teachers will offer content workshops during their free blocks to provide students in the Upper School with additional content area support. For more information regarding these workshops, please contact Learning Support.
  • Peer tutoring is a peer to peer tutoring program. This is a great option for students looking to build academic confidence and get some extra practice when they are just a little bit behind and need a boost from a peer at least two grades older.
  • Professional Tutoring or Academic Coaching: Learning Support can refer students and families to a paid tutor or academic coach for those students with specific learning needs or academic deficits. If you would like to discuss tutoring options appropriate for your child, please contact Learning Support for further information.
  • Grade Level Programming: General learning support is offered to all students throughout the year in different settings such as homeroom visits, Freshman Seminar, and student workshops and seminars. Programming is grade specific depending on the academic and developmental needs of a particular grade.

Services for students with a documented disability

  • 504 Plans: Students diagnosed with a disability (learning or medical) may be eligible to receive academic accommodations. The LS will determine appropriate accommodations based on suggestions from current assessment reports, performance data and teacher observations. 504 Plans are shared with teachers at the beginning of each school year and revised annually in collaboration with parent and teacher input. The LS refers students and families to outside specialists who can formally evaluate the learning strengths/needs of each child. 
  • Accommodations for standardized testing (SAT, ACT, PSAT, PLAN): Families who may want accommodations for tests in grades 10-12 should notify the LS during their 10th grade year to ensure appropriate documentation is on file. To begin the process please contact Overlake’s Learning Specialist
  • Parent Meetings: Parent or family meetings with the Learning Specialist are scheduled upon request.


Jennifer Friend

Learning Specialist



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Learning Specialist