Here are the main takeaways of Overlake's Return to Campus Plan, which will be instituted once all the metrics measuring the activity levels of the virus have been met and it is deemed safe to begin a return to campus. 

What to Expect: Daily Life at School


Physical Distancing

  • Bus passengers reduced to half capacity
  • Bus loads from back to front and unloads from front to back


  • Passengers and drivers wear a mask at all times
  • No eating or drinking
  • No removing of masks for any reason


  • Buses deep cleaned before each route runs
  • Electrostatic cleaning
  • High-touch areas wiped down


  • Daily temperature checks for both drivers and passengers
  • Windows and vents open for ventilation
  • No Zero route at this time

Read the full letter from the Director of Transportation

New morning routine

No Zero Period

To make time for the morning health screenings, we will not be holding zero period this year.

Health Screenings

Learn more about Health Screenings

Student schedule

Green & Gold Cohorts

Overlake is preparing to be flexible in the number of students on campus at any given time. To plan for this, the student body will be placed in cohorts by advisory and family unit in an effort to reduce the class size to 10 or fewer students in a classroom. Students will be in either the Green or Gold cohort. Students will be rotated through campus, alternating weekly between two or three days on campus depending on their cohort.

All students in both cohorts are expected to be in class during their scheduled blocks every day, either physically or virtually. The cohort shading on the schedule only indicates which student cohort is scheduled to be on campus. It does no indicate a repetition of the activities of that class block.

The same schedule applies in both our distance learning and hybrid models, but in the distance learning model all students will attend their classes virtually every day.


Because the student cohorts are built by advisory, each advisory will only meet on campus two days per week in the hybrid model. Advisory will sometimes be used for community events including class meetings, college counseling, divisional announcements, etc.

Free Blocks

Upper School ASB is currently building parameters for US students for how they can safely use their free blocks when on campus.