Diversity Strategic Plan

Adopted by the Board of Trustees in 2012, the second iteration of the Diversity Strategic Plan outlines steps that guide our community in meeting the goals of our commitment to diversity. 

GOAL #1:  The Overlake School will establish a defined set of core competencies and key knowledge related to cultural competence.
The Overlake School’s commitment to cultural competence is grounded in our goal of preparing students to become responsible and active participants in an increasingly multicultural and global world. We recognize that cultural versatility is a combination of a strong knowledge base, skills and experiences.

GOAL #2:  We aspire to reflect our Eastside community in our student body with a particular focus on increasing enrollment of mission appropriate students from under-represented groups.
Students benefit from an environment of peers whose perspectives and experiences differ from their own. Open dialogue, depth of intellectual exchange, and mutual respect can be fostered with a diverse learning community. We seek strong students who would otherwise not see Overlake as a viable option.

GOAL #3:  We aspire to provide sufficient financial aid to eliminate financial need as a barrier to our diversity goals.
Financial aid is a necessary tool that allows us to make an Overlake education accessible to a wider range of deserving students. We recognize socioeconomics as an important aspect of diversity and our aim is to sustain a mutually-beneficial partnership between the school and the community at large. Learn how the Gibson Scholarship is helping us meet this goal.

GOAL #4:  Overlake aspires to hire and retain talented faculty, staff and administrators who contribute to the diversity of the school.
It is imperative that our faculty, staff and administrators reflect our commitment to diversity and to the new demands of an increasingly diverse learning community. A diverse group of faculty, staff, and administrators can help provide opportunities to directly participate in vibrant, pluralistic, multicultural learning initiatives.

GOAL #5:  Overlake aspires to be an environment where all students experience a sense of belonging and comfort in expressing themselves, their ideas, and their opinions.
To fully benefit from diversity, the Overlake School needs to maintain a focus on building an inclusive and open community. Personal, physical and emotional safety are requirements for a healthy learning environment.

GOAL #6:  The school will work intentionally to create a welcoming and inclusive environment especially for those in our community who identify as LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning).
Students who are perceived or identify as LGBTQ face a disproportionate number of risk factors. Research shows when these students face harassment the impact of these risk factors are amplified. We want all of our Overlake students to feel safe enough to be authentic and supported.


Mahtab Mahmoodzadeh
Director of Diversity
425-868-6191 x601