Join us for Walk for Water on April 21

water walk

Clean water is a human right, and while we may take it for granted here in the Pacific Northwest, there are millions who face the challenge of survival without water.

A group of students is taking action and invites the community to make a difference. On Saturday, April 21, students belonging to Hello Change are teaming up with WE Charity and Power of WE to raise money for a girls’ school in Kenya.

Walk for Water will open Overlake trails for a day of awareness, music, food, and, of course, fundraising for the school. “Many of these girls have to walk to get water instead of going to school,” says Bella S. (’20). “We’re hoping to raise awareness about the connection between having access to water and being able to get an education.”

There are no sign up or pledge sheets, and organizers hope that the donations will come from food sales and always popular reiki bracelets. The bracelets are made by women in Africa and each goes to a specific cause. “Education, water, job creation, health care, and food are the causes the reiki bracelets will benefit,” says Jenna S. (’20). “Each one is marked for that cause, and it’s great because it lets you track where you want your donation to go.”

As for the walk, organizers will set up a course along Overlake’s trails with stopping points raising awareness with personal stories of the Kenyan girls. For example, one stop will contain jugs that the girls use to carry the water. “We live in such a fortunate area where we don’t fear drought. We have the power to help people around the world and we should do what we can,” explains Lexi S. (’20).

Working with WE Charity, Power of WE, and other local schools, these Overlake students hope that the school in Kenya will be ready in two years. More importantly, they work with the WE Charity because of their excellent record in maintaining the schools long after construction. Walk for Water is open to everyone and begins at 11am. 

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