Dance Rules of Conduct

Middle School Dance Guidelines

Middle school dances are planned and organized by the Middle School ASB.  Dances are for students in 7th & 8th grades. All school rules apply to school dances. Dances are held on campus and generally run from 7:00-9:00pm or 8:00-10:00pm.

Our responsibility for each student is taken very seriously at school dances.  We want dances to be fun in a safe and comfortable environment.  With this in mind, it is important that all students know and follow the guidelines below.

  1. Students should arrive at the dance no later than 1/2 hour after the dance starts unless they have permission from a parent and the Middle School Head.
  2. While at the dance, students need to stay in the designated location or close to the entryway.  Please do not venture to other areas of the building or campus.  Chaperones need to know where students are at all times.
  3. Students may not leave the dance until they are picked up by a parent.  At the end of the dance students should remain in the building until located by a parent.  Students should not go to the parking lot.  Parents will come to students.  (It is important that parents know they should come inside the building at the end of the dance.)
  4. Students may bring one middle school guest to approved dances.  Overlake students will assume full responsibility for their guest's conduct at the dance and thus will accept the consequences of their guest’s behavior. A guest permission form must be submitted in advance.
  5. Appropriate dancing is an understood expectation.  Students should face each other at all times when dancing. “Freak” dancing or any dance of a vulgar nature will result in removal from the dance.
  6. If a student is sent home from a dance they will not be invited to dances in the same school year.

Upper School Dance Guidelines

Before the Dance: Some students decide to go to group dinners prior to school dance. There will be chaperones in the Upper Parking Lot to supervise students as they come into the dance to reduce speeding, loitering, or any other mischief.

Time: Upper School dances start at 8:00pm. Students may not arrive after 8:30pm. Students who arrive after 8:30pm will not be allowed to enter. Upper School dances end at 10:00pm, and all students should have advance plans for transportation home after the dance.

Guests: Overlake students are allowed to bring one guest from other area schools. These guests must fill out a dance guest form with parent and administrator signatures, either online or on paper (paper forms can be found outside the Assistant US Head's office). Guest forms need to be returned to the Assistant US Head by Friday at 3:10pm before the dance. Guests that did not have a form returned may not enter. All guests must be accompanied by their Overlake School hosts, who are responsible for their guests during the evening.

Dance Rules & Etiquette: Students are expected to behave in ways consistent with all Upper School Student Policies. Before entering the dance, all students must sign a form indicating they understand the school rules prohibiting the use of drugs or alcohol at or before the dance. Students who leave before the end of the dance will be checked out on the attendance sheet. Once students leave the dance, they nay not re-enter (exception: students may step outside the front doors for fresh air, but not leave the immediate vicinity of the front doors). Students may not arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a student is suspected to be in violation of these rules the Assistant US Head reserves the right to breathalyze the student and/or call for parent pickup immediately. Overlake does not permit dancing that is explicitly sexual or judged inappropriate by members of the faculty chaperones. Though, we do not prohibit back to front dancing between dance partners, we do require distance between dance partners. The practice of "grinding" as students dance is not allowed. If this style of dancing occurs, the music will be stopped and the lights turned on. The dance will resume after a short break. If the behavior continues, the Assistant US Head reserves the right to stop the dance for the evening.

After the Dance: There will be chaperones in the Upper Parking Lot to supervise students as they leave the dance to reduce speeding, loitering, or any other mischief. Students are expected to leave Overlake immediately after the end of the dance. Parents picking up their child should be there no later than 10:00pm. Students that are on ASB are expected to help clean up after the dance from 10-10:30pm.


Mike Davidson
Middle School Head


Krishna Davda
Assistant Upper School Head