Co-Curricular Credit

The educational philosophy at the Overlake School is holistic. Overlake strongly believes that students need to spend time at school developing their ability to think critically and hone their intellect, but also we believe it is imperative that students spend intentional time to develop their physical, mental and social health. In keeping with this philosophy, in addition to the academic requirements herein stated, students are required to complete co-curricular credits. Each student is required to complete two co-curricular credits during their time in the Upper School. A student‘s diploma and transcript will be held if he or she fails to meet this requirement. Generally, a credit is earned for one semester of work in a club; in the case of athletics, one sports season; drama, one dramatic production.

A co-curricular credit will be granted in the following situations:

  • Students participate in a school sanctioned club and satisfy all requirements outlined by the club advisor including attendance, participation and any other school approved criteria deemed appropriate by the club advisor. Co-curricular credit given for club participation will be assessed at the end of each semester. One semester in a club = one co-curricular credit.
  • Students participate in a non-class dramatic performance as a member of the cast or crew and participate in all activities that are required.
  • Students participate in a varsity, junior varsity or club sport offered by the school. Participation must include regular attendance for the entire season. In the event that a student quits a sports team or is removed for any reason mid-season, they will not be given co-curricular credit for that season.

Co-curricular credits are not shown on the student‘s transcript. Credits earned beyond the requirement are not included in the student‘s record. A student cannot receive academic credit and co-curricular credit for the same activity.

Students may petition for co-curricular credit for activities they are engaged in off-campus by talking directly with the Dean of Students. A maximum of one co-curricular credit may be earned off-campus in a student‘s high school career. A student cannot earn off-campus credit for an activity that is offered at Overlake. It is strongly recommended that students do not wait until their senior year to complete the co-curricular requirement. If a student does not complete the requirement, they may not be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony and will not receive their diploma until the requirement has been satisfied. The following activities have been used to meet the co-curricular requirement. Approved activities vary from year to year. For current activities and additional details, contact the Dean of Students.


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