Funding Assistance

To help make aspects of an Overlake education available to all students, the school offers limited, additional financial assistance for extended trips in the form of The Overlake Project Week Fund.  The Fund was established because we believe that students who have access to the full range of Overlake co-curricular opportunities enhance the program for others as well as further their own education.

Purpose: The Overlake Project Week Fund will provide students with limited supplemental financial support for extended co-curricular trips that take place during Project Week. The intent of the fund is to help ensure that students have greater access to the full array of co-curricular opportunities available at The Overlake School.


  • Eligible expenses are for Project Week trips that cost more than $900 such as global service trips, exchange program trips, fine arts performing group trips, etc.
  • For projects costing less than $900 students on financial aid will continue to receive a Project Week allocation and they will not be eligible to receive additional trip funding.
  • Students who are not receiving financial aid for tuition assistance are also eligible to apply for additional trip funds for trips costing more than $900.
  • The funding granted for trips is intended to cover a portion of the trip expense and not the total expense.
  • Criteria: All Project Week Fund requests will be evaluated on the basis of financial need. These grants are available to all Overlake School students whether they are current financial aid recipients or not. Families not receiving tuition assistance must complete a Trip Fund request form and a Parent Financial Statement and submit them along with a copy of their most recent tax return to the financial aid office.
  • Procedures and Contact People: Additional Project Week funding is administered by the Financial Aid Committee. Parents should contact Brenda Draper, Director of Financial Aid, to ask for the required application materials. All requests will be treated confidentially.

Important: A limited amount of Project Week funding is available. Please submit requests by mid-October.

Project Week (2022-23)

Mar 27, 2023 - Mar 31, 2023


Chrissy Wakeling
Assistant Director of Experiential Education