Tent Guidelines

We will be camping in tents for Field Studies. While Overlake has a few tents to lend, most of the tents will need to be provided by students and their families. This will help you decide if your tent is acceptable. There is always a chance of rain at Field Studies, and we want to make sure that everyone stays dry. Please follow these guidelines:

  • For a tent to be acceptable, the rain fly must cover most, if not all, of the tent
  • There will be a maximum of 3 people in a tent
  • Make sure you have all the tent pieces and have practiced setting it up before Field Studies!
  • Any questions, contact Kent Renno


This tent is not acceptable.

See how the rain fly only covers the very top of the tent. If it rains, water will run down the sides of the tent and then into the tent, getting everything wet inside. Do not bring a tent like this!

This tent is better, but still not ideal.

The rain fly covers more of the tent, but in a rain storm, the sides of the tent will still get wet. Please do not bring a tent like this.

This is acceptable, but not ideal. 

The rain fly on this tent almost covers the whole tent, but still doesn't give complete rain protection to the tent.

This tent will keep you dry in any conditions!!!

Notice how the rain fly completely surrounds the entire tent when the fly is zipped.


José Gonzalez

Experiential Education Department Chair