Field Studies FAQ

No. The cook at the camp will provide 3 great meals a day. Snacks will also be available between meals. Please don’t bring extra food and leave it in your tents. Mice and other animals can chew through tents and into your food bag.

Phones are not allowed at Field Studies, just as they are not allowed in class. Please see this as chance for being independent. Parents, if there is a need to contact your child, please call the Front Office during school hours or see the Emergency phone list (provided via email). Students, if you need to call your parents, please see one of the faculty at Field Studies. If phones / electronic games are found at Field Studies, they will be confiscated and will be returned after we return to Overlake, sometimes the following Tuesday. Be warned!

We expect everyone to follow the packing list and have the proper rain gear and warm clothes to handle most any weather. If the weather becomes too bad, we will alter the outdoor activities. We might also make the tough choice to return to school. We will let everyone know as soon as possible if this happens.

All the boys will camp on one side of the YMCA camp and all the girls on the other side of camp. There will be many adults camping with the students, helping them set up tents, and being available if someone needs help during the night. Girls are not allowed in boys camp, and boys are not allowed in girls camp. Please read the Tent Guidelines for more information

We will have all the students fill out a questionnaire, giving them a chance to say if they are not able to perform an activity, like sea kayaking or mountain biking. We do encourage all students to take a risk and try something even if it might be scary and potentially uncomfortable for them. All activities require no previous experience and will be fully taught and explained by the faculty and outdoor professionals leading the activity.

Please make sure that the student’s adviser and the Director of Outdoor Education is aware of the allergy or special needs. The cook at the YMCA is able and willing to serve food that is edible for those with allergies, and will also help prevent cross-contamination. There is always a vegetarian option for every meal. In some cases, we will have students bring special food for their meals. This food can be stored in the kitchen's refrigerator and either can be cooked by the kitchen staff or by the student.

The Director of the Outdoor Program is certified as a Wilderness First Responder and many of the faculty attending Field Studies are certified in Wilderness First Aid. Also, the YMCA camp director is an EMT, and runs the local ambulance which is parked at the YMCA camp. While we can’t guarantee no one will get hurt, those running the outdoor activities are strong risk managers and are experienced in leading outdoor activities.

While we really prefer that you pick up your son/daughter at Overlake on Friday, special considerations can be made. Please contact the Director of Outdoor Education and the adviser to arrange. Students and parents are required to check out with the Director of Outdoor Education before leaving the YMCA camp.


José Gonzalez

Experiential Education Department Chair