The Overlake Arts department mission is to engage students in creative thinking through a broad spectrum of opportunities. With the goal of inspiring life-long involvement in and appreciation for the visual and performing arts, we strive to provide spaces where students can be expressive, safely take risks, share ideas, and collaborate in the creative process. Courses in the arts support each student in embracing a mindset that is curious, cooperative, and inclusive of all perspectives.

The arts have a unique place in our school, our community, and our world. We value experiences that will foster compassion and empathy, cultivating an understanding of ourselves and the ever-changing world around us. We believe that students learn best in an environment that is participatory and cooperative, one that honors each perspective while encouraging students to think deeply, critically, and independently about their work. To this end, we value hands-on, experiential learning, with projects and performances designed to challenge and inspire each student as artist, performer, designer, collaborator, observer, and audience member.  

Sharing Our Work

Students may see their art works displayed around campus: in our outdoor gallery, the Campus Center or in the Fulton Performing Arts Center.

Choirs, bands and orchestra perform several concerts throughout the school year, and compete in choral and instrumental festivals and contests.

Our theater department presents three or four productions each year with options for Middle School and Upper School students. Most productions are offered as classes with an additional after school rehearsal schedule. All students may audition for the biennial All-School Musical, or help produce it, as a co-curricular option.

Upper School Curriculum Requirements

Four semesters (2 credits) of arts courses are required for graduation; students must choose classes from at least two disciplines from the list below. [Examples: Multimedia Art + Sculpture + Painting + Advanced Drama, or Concert Band (3 semesters) + Photography.]

The following chart lists the US courses available to meet the arts graduation requirement.





Industrial Design

Photography 1 or 2

Mixed Media

Graphic Design

Adv. Studio Art



Concert Band

Concert Choir


Chamber Choir

Jazz Band

History of Rock & Roll




Video Production


Play Production

Musical Production