The arts curriculum at Overlake is designed to inspire life-long involvement in and appreciation for the visual and performing arts.  Overlake offers a tactile, balanced, and discipline-based arts program that develops students’ abilities in perception, comprehension, creativity, and aesthetic values.  Our goal is to provide students with a broad spectrum of opportunities to develop these skills and encourage divergent thinking and self-expression. The range of offerings includes drama, stagecraft/technical theater, vocal and instrumental music, traditional and experimental two and three dimensional visual arts courses, digital art making, and design classes. Required courses in the arts are meant to encourage all students to explore venues that are perhaps new to them, while also allowing for specialization and more in-depth study in a particular area of interest.

Students may see their art works displayed around campus: in our outdoor gallery, the Campus Center or in the Fulton Performing Arts Center.

Choirs, bands and orchestra perform several concerts throughout the school year, and compete in choral and instrumental festivals and contests.

Our theater department presents three or four productions each year with options for Middle School and Upper School students. Most productions are offered as classes with an additional after school rehearsal schedule. All students may audition for the biennial All-School Musical, or help produce it, as a co-curricular option.

Upper School Curriculum Requirements:

Four semesters (2 credits) of arts courses are required for graduation; students must choose classes from at least two disciplines from the list below. [Examples: Multimedia Art + Sculpture + Painting + Advanced Drama, or Concert Band (3 semesters) + Photography.]

The following chart lists the US courses available to meet the arts graduation requirement.




Multimedia Art

Sculpture 1

Sculpture 2* (not offered in 2019-20)

Photography 1

Photography 2*

Graphic Design

Industrial Design**

* Requires teacher signature
** Prerequisite: 1 semester any visual art

String Orchestra

Concert Band

Jazz Band*

Concert Choir

Chamber Choir*

Music Appreciation

* Requires audition

Performing Arts Workshop


Page to Stage

Theater for Change

Creative Movement


Video Production

Advanced Drama*

Adv Musical Theater* (not offered in 2019-20)

* Requires teacher signature