World Languages

The Overlake School’s world language program is designed to broaden students’ understanding and appreciation for the diversity of world cultures by building linguistic and cultural competence through the study of language. 

Overlake offers a variety of choices for students wishing to study modern languages or the classical language of Latin.  In the modern languages, emphasis is placed on building oral proficiency and practical skills in the target language.  All modern language classes include a strong cultural focus, giving students the opportunity to reflect on their own cultures and beliefs while developing an enriched understanding of the world around them.  Overlake offers the modern languages of Spanish, French or Mandarin Chinese for new and continuing students.

Our classical language, Latin, gives students the opportunity to experience an ancient culture that has had a major influence on our history and government, our culture and art, as well as our own vocabulary and language.

Curriculum Requirements

Students are required to take three years of one language or two years each of two different languages during their Upper School career.  Students who complete any Level IV are only required to take two years of Upper School language courses, however all students are encouraged to continue the study of a language beyond the third year to acquire competency in comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.  All language courses are full year courses.

Offering of any language course is contingent on a minimum number of student signups.

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