MS Personal Technology

Cell Phones

Though students are permitted to carry cell phones on campus, they may only be used during certain times of the day.   For most of the day, cell phones should not be visible and must remain turned off.  Classrooms should not be interrupted by cell phone use whether it be texting or voice mail—phones must be off. (A school day includes field trips, service day and Project Week.)  Students may use any school phone with the permission of a faculty member. That includes phones in the front office and the Middle School Head’s office.

Students may use their cell phones to contact parents during lunch.  The intent behind this exception is a recognition that family needs are often changing and of the importance of easy communication between parents and children.  Students may not use phones during lunch as music players, gaming devices, computers, etc. 

If a faculty member or administrator sees or hears a cell phone at times when it should be off and out of sight or being used at lunch in a way that is in violation of the policy, the phone will be confiscated and turned over to the Middle School Head.  Confiscated phones will be returned as follows:

  • First confiscation: Student must write out his/her understanding of the cell phone use policy after consulting the handbook.  Both the student and the parent must sign the document.  The document must be given to the Middle School Head in order for the phone to be returned.
  • Second confiscation:  A parent must come in to the Middle School Head’s office to pick up the phone.
  • Third confiscation:  Student will receive an automatic detention and will no longer be allowed to have a cell phone on campus.  A parent must come in to the Middle School Head’s office to pick up the phone. 

In the case of a personal emergency on campus (illness, personal situation, etc.), the student's first line of contact is a member of the faculty, staff, or administration. In family emergency situations, parents should contact the front office should they need to reach a student outside of the lunch hour.

We expect parents to abide by these guidelines and encourage parents to plan to speak to their children during lunch or to call the front office in the case of an emergency that needs to be communicated outside of lunch.

Other Electronics

Other electronics, including MP3 players and personal gaming systems, are not to be used on campus at any time; not even during lunch.  These devices are often solitary in nature and involve students disconnecting from the community in order to connect to their electronics.  The only exception to this would be overtly expressed permission from a teacher for a student to use a device while under that teacher’s supervision.  Permission ends as soon as a student is not under that teacher’s direct supervision.  For example, if a teacher gives a student permission to use a device during a study hall and then the student asks to go to the library, the student does not have permission to use the device in the library.