Leave of Absence

Provision for Leave of Absence

Occasionally a student may wish to explore educational opportunities for a term beyond the Overlake experience. We acknowledge the value of these programs, be they international study or experiential learning, and the pivotal role they may play in the student’s overall development.

A student may request a leave through the following process:

  1. notify the Middle or Upper School Head of the intention to request a leave
  2. set up a conference with the Middle or Upper School Head to discuss how the leave will impact the student’s academic program at Overlake
  3. submit final Request for Leave of Absence to the Head of School

If the leave is for a semester, the student will be asked to pay 60% of the year’s tuition, thus reserving his or her place during the semester vacated. All deposits and payment schedules will still apply for the school year in which the leave is taken. If the leave is for a year, the student will be asked to pay a deposit of $5000 in order to reserve his or her place for the year following the leave. This deposit is non-refundable should the student decide not to return to Overlake.

Requests for leave may be submitted to the Middle or Upper School Head by the re-enrollment deadline in the year prior to the one for which the leave is requested. Only two students per class will be granted a leave, and it will be granted on a first come-first served basis. If more than two students wish to take a leave, or if the request is received after the deadline, the additional or late students will be expected to pay full tuition for the year in order to reserve their space.  Approval for a Leave of Absence is based on many factors, including the program that the student will complete during the leave. 

Additional Leave of Absence Policies

  • Leaves of Absence are restricted to students in grades 5 – 11.
  • If a full-year leave of absence is approved and the student does not leave and returns to Overlake, financial aid for Overlake tuition will not be available.
  • Approved Leaves of Absence for the Spring semester will automatically waive the Project Week requirement for all grades; however, other Upper School requirements including Service, Outdoor Education, and Co-Curricular, remain in place.
  • The accreditation of the intended institution is required for academic credit, as well as a review of the specific program/courses planned by the US Head and Department Chairs.


Krishna Davda
Assistant Upper School Head