Driving, Parking, and Riding


All students that wish to drive to school must fill out an Overlake Vehicle Registration Form. Completed forms need to be returned to the Assistant Upper School Head. This form registers the car(s) that a student drives with the school and also acknowledges that the driver has read and agreed to follow the stated driving/riding and parking rules while on campus. It is important that all drivers on campus drive carefully and observe posted signs. To help ensure the safety of pedestrians and other drivers, the campus speed limit is 15 mph.  Inappropriate driving anywhere, not only on campus, becomes a reason for the school to have legitimate concerns. Complaints about student driving, if justified, will result in parental contact and/or disciplinary action.  Permission to drive on the Overlake campus will be revoked if the appropriate driving permission form has not been submitted, or if the driver is not following the posted rules or Washington State Laws.


Parking at Overlake is limited. All students, parents, and visitors to campus should park in appropriate places.  All students, including seniors, must park in the lower lot prior to the lower turnaround. Failure to follow parking and driving rules may result in the suspension of driving privileges. Everyone must respect the No Parking, Fire Lane, Visitor, Handicapped, and Reserved Parking signs.

Student Driving and Carpooling from Athletic Events

The Overlake School will make transportation available for student-athletes both to and from road games and off-campus practices. For logistical reasons, we sometimes allow other methods of transportation aside from our team buses. The coach must have a signed Athletics Driving Form from the parent to allow other methods of transportation.


Krishna Davda
Assistant Upper School Head