US Girls Soccer


Welcome to the 2018 season of Girls Soccer.

Medical: You must have a completed Medical Form and Master Information Form on file before you are able to participate in any Overlake sport.

Season: The Soccer team will practice Monday-Friday.

Attendance: Our program is built around our student-athletes' commitment to their teams. All athletes are expected to attend all practices and games. It is important to know that out-of-school activities (music lessons, tutor sessions, religion classes, club sport practices, etc.) are not excusable. Academic responsibilities such as homework are expected of each athlete and therefore are not a reason to miss athletics.

Head Coach Sally Goodspeed is looking forward to a great season!

US Soccer Girls Varsity Game Schedule

Date Start Event Name Location
09/06/18 4:00pm Soccer Varsity Girls vs. Inglemoor HS Field 1 Overlake Turf
09/07/18 4:30pm Soccer Varsity Girls @ Lynden Christian Lynden Christian HS
09/11/18 4:00pm Soccer Varsity Girls vs. University Prep Field 1 Overlake Turf
09/14/18 5:00pm Soccer Varsity Girls @ Cashmere (Vale Elementary) Vale Elementary
09/15/18 1:00pm Soccer Varsity Girls @ Cascade HS Cascade High School
09/18/18 4:00pm Soccer Varsity Girls vs. Bush Field 1 Overlake Turf
09/20/18 4:00pm Soccer Varsity Girls vs. Bellevue Chr. Field 1 Overlake Turf
09/25/18 4:00pm Soccer Varsity Girls @ Forest Ridge (Newport Hills Newport Hills Park
09/26/18 4:00pm Soccer Varsity Girls vs. La Salle Field 1 Overlake Turf
10/02/18 4:00pm Soccer Varsity Girls vs. Northwest Field 1 Overlake Turf
10/05/18 5:30pm Soccer Varsity Girls @ Seattle Academy (Starfire S Starfire Sports Fields
10/11/18 7:30pm Soccer Varsity Girls @ Redmond HS Redmond High School
10/16/18 3:30pm Soccer Varsity Girls @ University Prep (ShorelineA Shoreline Center Soccer Field A & B
10/18/18 3:30pm Soccer Varsity Girls vs. Seattle Academy (Sr Night Field 1 Overlake Turf
10/23/18 4:15pm Soccer Varsity Girls @ Bear Creek The Bear Creek School
10/26/18 3:30pm Soccer Varsity Girls @ ECL Playoff (Wilburton Fld) Wilburton Hill Park Field
11/03/18 5:00pm Soccer Varsity Girls @ Bi-District Tourn. (Starfir Starfire Sports Fields
11/06/18 6:00pm Soccer Varsity Girls @ WIAA State (Sammamish HS) Sammamish High School
11/10/18 5:00pm Soccer Varsity Girls @ WIAA State Tournament (2nd Silverdale Stadium

Sally Goodspeed
Girls Soccer Varsity Head Coach

Mike Hufstader
Girls Soccer Varsity Assistant Coach

Mike Fine
Girls Soccer JV Coach