The aim of the Overlake School Science Department is to develop students who can think, investigate, and communicate thoughtfully and creatively to address scientific issues and problems. By pursuing deep conceptual knowledge and understanding of the practices that characterize the discipline, students come to see science as a way of explaining the natural world. Their work and practice lead them to become scrutinizing science practitioners who can pose and investigate questions about the natural world, engage in qualitative and quantitative data analysis and interpretation, and communicate scientific reasoning to explain investigative results and observed phenomena.

During three required years of study, students encounter concepts, principles, laws, and skills of science across the three main disciplines at successively higher levels of abstraction. The required course of study is designed to immerse students in the investigation of the nature and behavior of matter, energy, and living organisms, preparing them for more advanced study both at Overlake and at college, as well as recognizing the role of science in their everyday lives.

The department staff is committed to active learning experiences, engaging the students in the process of science via lecture, discussion, and laboratory work that serve to develop and enhance their ability to think critically and communicate intelligently about scientific problems and issues. 

Curriculum Requirements

High school students are required to take three years of science: BioChem I, BioChem II must be taken in grade 9 and 10, respectively.  The third-year requirement must be a Physics course, but this can be taken in either grades 11 or 12.

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