Late Bus Notification

If a bus is running more than 10 minutes late, those who have signed up for late bus notification will receive a text message and/or email alerting you to the schedule change. The system is route specific, so you won’t receive text messages from other buses, only from your student’s bus. Please note that you will not receive any messages if you do not sign up for this service.

If you already signed up last year you should still be in the system. You can unsubscribe at any time.

To Sign Up

  • Visit
  • Please note: Zero period route notifications require a separate subscription. Sign up here.
  • Enter your 10-digit phone number or email and click "start signup"
  • Key in your validation code which you will receive via text or email, per your selection
  • You will now be able to select your route(s). Options are Kirkland, 520 Corridor, Sammamish, or South Bellevue. Zero period route options are Kirkland, 520, and Eastgate/Sammamish. You may sign up for more than one route if you prefer.
  • Revisit the link above to manage your alert subscriptions or to unsubscribe

Normally notifications will not always be sent for the normal fluctuations of our activity buses, since traffic is more unpredictable and student drop-off stops will vary as some stops may not be made, which can impact arrival times.

Parent Resources

to view bus service details and fees, download the transportation calendar, and register your student for transportation.



Bill Neil
Director of Transportation
425-868-6191 x477