Overlake’s club program offers students an opportunity during the school day to pursue interests and passions that they otherwise might not have the time or opportunity to develop. The school makes every effort to protect Club Time in the schedule. In an eight-day cycle, there are two club periods; Upper School clubs can choose to meet one or both of those periods. While participation in clubs is optional, Overlake strongly recommends that students use this time to get involved. Any 7th/8th graders not enrolled in a club will have study hall instead.

In the Upper School, club leadership or sponsorship provides an opportunity for students to develop the skills necessary to create unique offerings and guide their peers in activities for which they have a passion. Upper School clubs are offered on a semester basis, and attendance during club periods is mandatory to earn credit for the club. For each semester of successful club participation, students earn one co-curricular credit.

Upper School Club Descriptions 2017-18

Academic Journal Club
In this club, we will read scientific, social science, and literary criticism of interest to the members. Members of the club may also write academic papers of their own and, with the club's help, find ways to publish their work. This club is a great way to delve into a subject you are passionate about and share your interest to others!

Animation Club
Welcome to animation club! In animation club, we will learn the basics of motion and animation to tell stories and express oneself. Club leader Vivian will start each club off with demos and examples explaining things covered from last club. Everyone is then free to apply the new techniques in their own creative way and ask questions. We will learn everything from bouncing balls to human body movements. Much time will be spent animating flour sacks mimicking human movement, a practice adopted by Disney and useful for warm-up into animation. Vivian has had 6 weeks of intensive, hands on animation experience as a Rhode Island School of Design pre-college student. There she and her classmates inspired each other and improved together each day.

The ASB is the student government. The ASB addresses campus concerns as they arise, promotes school unity, contributes to school spirit and pride, and assists the school whenever it can. The ASB officers are elected in the spring of each year for the following year. Student government officers are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Social Activities Coordinator. There are also two class representatives and spirit captains from each class that are also elected in the spring that serve on the ASB. These representatives serve as advocates for their class as well as participating in the running of the ASB as a whole. The senior spirit captain is the only spirit representative that regularly attends ASB meetings, although spirit representatives from other grade levels may be asked to attend when needed.

Astronomy Club
Asteroid campaigning, learning about outer space (through experiments and math problems), building telescopes, and occasional hands on experience (looking outside).

Basketball Club
Preparing for the Winter Basketball season. Shooting, ball-handling, conditioning, passing, basketball knowledge. All things you need to improve for the upcoming season.

Beats Club
We listen to good music, eat good food, and talk about concerts. A pretty fun time.

The Breakfast Club
We make breakfast food. And eat it. And listen to chill music.

buildOn Club
buildOn is an organization that works to improve the world through ending the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education. By promoting service in underprivileged communities and building schools in developing countries, buildOn aims to create change across the entire world. In our club, we will work to raise money for schools in developing countries with our own fundraisers, as well as helping our friends in the Seattle buildOn chapter with their events and efforts to raise money and help those in need. We will also work to educate the Overlake community about the power of education and how we can all take action to provide opportunities to those in need. Ideally, we would like to send some club members on trek, where they can go to one of buildOn's partner countries and help build a school.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Club
Like chocolate chip cookies? Like baking? We will bond over the art of baking chocolate chip cookies. It is not a food, it is a lifestyle. We are transcending the stressful school day with love, joy, and chocolate chip cookies.

Classics Club
A club where Latin students (or anyone interested ancient Rome, Greece, or mythology) can come together and talk about mythology, and ancient Greece and Rome. I am also starting an Overlake chapter for the National Junior Classics League so the members can participate in their supplied practice tests. We will also be working with the King County Public Library to create a presentation about Greek myth that will be taught to the kids in that library. I am also working with my parents to fly their old college Latin professor out to Seattle to give a talk to the members of this club.

DECA is an international organization for students pursuing business, management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. In our DECA club, we will make use of the classroom curriculum to teach marketing, finance, and management skills that we will put to use in competitions (TBD which events we will attend). Events may include an online stock market game, case study competitions, and leadership conferences.

Dungeons & Dragons + Board Game Club
The club name pretty much says it all. This is a club where you show up and play Eric's home-brewed version of Dungeons and Dragons, or you play board games. There are quite a few intellectual and communal benefits to doing such things, or so we like to think.

Engineering Club
In this club, students will have a chance to explore the practical side of engineering through group collaboration projects. Projects will typically involve multiple aspects of engineering such as design, electronics, physics, programming, and trial and error. This year, we plan to complete the electric go kart we worked on last year, as well as attempt to solve a new problem Brian introduced: Gerald Blycker has a problem with rodents and foxes getting into his chicken coop. He has asked our club to help design an automatic door with the goal of keeping out rodents. This project gives our club a taste of solving a real world problem, by using and applying multiple other skills to create a solution. These solutions will eventually be presented to a panel of teachers who will then pick the best proposal for implementation.

Esports Club
A club where students can discuss video games on a competitive level. We will learn new strategies, discuss the pro scenes, watch videos, and maybe even play some games! We will meet during lunch in the programming lab of the TLC. however if there is interest we can always adjust our meeting times. Join whether you are an avid video game player, or have only watched your friends play!

Fashion Forward Club
Fashion Forward is a lunch club that meets once a month to discuss all things fashion. This includes vintage style, current trends, personal style, shopping tips and tricks, and how to get the best deals.

Flight Club
This club will be focused around model flight. We plan to design and build our own balsa wood RC planes. We will teach members how to design these aircraft, and how to safely build the models. We will use computer simulators (which we already have) to teach members how to fly RC airplanes. We may potentially meet outside of school to fly the planes once they are done.

Forefront Club
The goal of Forefront Club is to promote health and wellbeing of all students, as well as suicide prevention and awareness.

French Culture Club
A fun, relaxed time for students to explore French culture. During the club students can engage in French peer tutoring, films, politics, food, and games.

Girl Up Club
Girl Up Club is a collection of dedicated youth who come together to take action and change lives, empowering both people in our own community as well as adolescent girls in developing countries to rise up. As the United Nations Foundation's adolescent girl campaign, Girl Up engages girls to take action. Led by a community of nearly half a million passionate advocates raising awareness and funds, the Foundation's efforts help the hardest to reach girls living in places where it is hardest to be a girl. Being part of Overlake's Girl Up Club offers a great opportunity to bring friends together to learn about world issues, take action and build leadership skills -- all while working towards girls' empowerment. By joining this club, you can connect with youth from across the globe to make a difference.

Girls Who Code
Coding for girls, membership in the national organization Girls Who Code is in progress. The purpose of the club is to provide a supportive space for girls to write code - an environment in which they might take more leadership and risks than they might in boy-heavy computer science classes. Everyone is welcome to learn about the gender gap in STEM!

I Am That Girl
I Am That Girl is an organization helping girls to transform self-doubt in to self-love by providing a space to connect and have honest conversations about things that matter. Raising the standards for how girls treat themselves, each other, and the world is a part of this movement that is inspiring girls to love, express, and be exactly who they are. Through providing leadership, social, and personal development program to girls in high school, this club is meant to empower and embolden girls to help them find their voice, inspire action and make the world a better place. The underclassmen at Overlake will get the opportunity to meet and create special bonds with the upperclassmen.

Impact Club
Impact Club will be a club dedicated to social change and education of the student body. We will be hosting the Martin Luther King assembly, as we do every year. During our meetings, we provide a location for open dialogues and discussions on any and all political or social issues, as we invite all perspectives and backgrounds to share their point of views.

Investing Club
In this club, we will work to facilitate group learning revolving around the topic of investing, economics, and personal money management. We will do a year long paper (fake money) trading contest, learn more about specific areas of stocks and investing, such as option trading, and other ways of investing and managing money. The learning will be focused on participant researched presentations followed by group discussions.

This club is an opportunity for students interested in journalism -- specifically print publications -- to engage in various opportunities they might otherwise be too busy to pursue. The focus will be on a print newspaper delivered monthly, featuring articles about various topics (local and otherwise) written by students. It will aim to be a portrait of the world as seen through the eyes of an Overlaker.  Throughout the club, students will write a variety of pieces ranging from factual articles and Q&As to op-eds.

JSA combines debate and politics seamlessly to create an environment where delegates feel free to express their beliefs, and are prepared to defend these beliefs as well. JSA teaches skills that are useful all through students' High School careers, and their lives.

Key Club
Key Club is the oldest service based high-school club. This club centers around service -- including providing different volunteer events for students to attend (with service hours provided) to hosting different events such as a fashion show, trivia night, or providing mocktails at ASB dances. Additionally, every month, we have DCMs where other Key Clubs close to Overlake come together and do some sort of volunteer activity (and students will receive service hours from these events). The money raised from events will be donated to a certain charity or Key Club's KCCP (Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program). During club meetings, we will be planning these events and do different service activities.

Kiva Club
This is a club in which we will work to micro-finance small businesses around the world through the Kiva organization. The club will allow students to decide who to help and who to finance as well as raise money for our Kiva account in order to keep the account going and allow us to help more people make a living. As we finance different businesses, we will receive money back from those who borrowed from us as they repay their loan. We will be working with The Kiva Organization to help alleviate poverty around the world by lending money.

LGBTQ+ Alliance
This club will be a safe and fun place for LGBTQ+ students and their Allies to learn, discuss, and just hang out. It will be open and welcoming to all people, regardless of whether or not they identify as LGBTQ+.

Math Club
Our purpose is to promote interest and understanding about math in a fun and engaging environment. We further develop our mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills through online competitions with other high schools during club day and lunch meetings. We also prepare students for American Mathematics Competitions (known as AMC) in spring.

Media Production
A club for anyone wanting to explore photography, film, and journalism, no experience or equipment necessary. Come ready and excited to learn about the world of media!

Mock Trial
Practice what it's like to be a lawyer through researching and building civil and criminal cases, learning about the elements of a trial, and competing in local mock trial competitions as a team.

Outreach Club
Outreach Club is a community of people who share the same interest of helping those in need. Outreach Club works to help not only Overlake's community, but works to connect our community to people around us through service. Outreach Club brings together those who are passionate about volunteering. We work with non-profit organizations and give opportunities to Overlake students outside of the club to volunteer and deepen their interest in service.

Overlake Debate Team
The Overlake Debate Team is a club/team where students will learn to speak persuasively, debate on a team, and build self-confidence as a speaker. Students will learn various styles of speech and debate, but will focus on the Public Forum style. We will meet roughly three times a week after school, and will attend tournaments approximately once a month. No experience is required, just an open mind and willingness to participate!

Overlake Film Society
We plan to start an Overlake Film Society. An inclusive, academic, and fun club in which students interested in exploring films of all eras and cultures. The club will function similarly to a book club; the majority of the time for each meeting would be spent discussing an agreed upon film that club members would watch sometime between club times. As fans of film as an art form, we want to bring together a group of individuals who want to delve deeper into a wide variety of movies. This club would be more than simply watching movies; we want to take a loose academic approach to learning about how different filmmakers use production techniques and creative choices to create great films. The discussion will be guided by prompts written by the student leaders, but we hope that other members of the club will take it in new and interesting directions that we don't expect.

Overlake Green Team
The mission of this club is to research and raise awareness of key environmental issues facing our world today. We will dedicate ourselves to helping preserve and maintain our environment and the earth we live in. We will be involved in monthly events dedicated to environmental protection. At the start of each month, the club will meet and decide which specific issue we want to focus on. (For example: making our school more dependent on renewable energy sources. More efficient strategies of saving paper. Relying on materials at school that can be composted or recycled). We will do in-depth research about the topic, and raise awareness about it in our community through a variety of methods. If possible, we may even try to implement solutions. Hopefully, this will reach our goal of reducing our carbon footprint, both as individuals and as a school. Our club will also help us raise awareness about broader issues in our world, like energy efficiency and climate change.  We will occasionally volunteer with the Greed Redmond program as well.

Overlake Model United Nations
MUN is a foreign policy and government club that focuses on international issues. Through simulations, news recaps, and spirited discussions, students explore the workings of governments, learn parliamentary procedure, and have a lot of fun.

Ping Pong Club
We are going to play ping pong.

Programming Club

public class Programming Club


     public static void main (String[] args)


          System.out.println("This club is designed for people of all experience levels");

          System.out.println("We meet F and H days. Code whatever you want");




Respect Club
Respect Club helps create and encourage positivity and confidence boosters for the Overlake community. We will improve the overall quality of campus life for students by doing random acts of kindness and stress relieving activities. Respect Club will work with 8th grade students to prepare them for social aspects of Upper school including body image/self confidence, alcohol education, and friend/social changes. Teaching kids from the perspective of older students gives 8th graders an opportunity to ask questions of kids closer in age than adults. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for students to ask questions and learn more about high school. This teaches members leadership skills and good communication, helps members learn about suicide prevention and develop better public speaking skills while having fun!


We are the Overlake friendly version of the well-known satirical news source, The Onion. This is an opportunity for students to express a creative outlet in writing and sharing these projects with the Overlake Community.


Science Club

Science Club's main goal this year will be to prepare for the TedX talk that we will be holding in early spring. We will continue with Journal Club, in which students will present new scientific discoveries during meetings, and do science experiments, but the majority of the meeting times will be coordinating with scientists and innovators and planning the event.


SOCO Committee
The SOCO Committee is the only place where you can help brainstorm dance themes, decorations, and help set-up and clean-up! As a part of the club, you will get the inside scoop on all dances before they're announced, and be able to pitch your ideas, no matter what grade you're in. Meetings will not be every week, but rather announced by the SOCO, on various platforms, and will generally be on Thursdays during lunch. If you love organizing social events, dances and Pinterest, this club is for you!!


Spanish Film Club

In this club, members will watch and discuss Spanish language films to learn about the Spanish language as well as gain a deeper understanding for and appreciation of Spanish-speaking culture. We will also invite filmmakers as guest lecturers to teach us about films relating to the Spanish-speaking world. This club is open to all students; films will be viewed with subtitles, so non-Spanish students are welcome!


Spark Club
Spark Club is a club focusing on sparking change in the Overlake community. Although there are other wonderful social justice clubs, we will be completely action-based. We don't just want to talk about the issues on campus, we want to do something about them. This year we are going to spark conversations and change on campus that we can be proud of.


Tech Club

In Tech Club we do just about anything we can get our hands on that involves technology from building GPS tracking Arduinos to responsibly recycling old electronics. And, no experience is required! Anyone, whether you built your first computer at age ten, or don't know how to print on a school printer can have fun and learn a lot in tech club.


Thespians Society

The Thespian Society is part of the International Thespian Society which is an honor society for high school theater students. The club is for students interested in all aspects of theater, from acting, to costuming, to tech.


The Unaccompanied Minors
Unaccompanied Minors is Overlake's female a capella group. As part of an a capella group, we will sing covers of songs using no accompaniment, and only our voices. Members rehearse during clubs in order to prepare for our performances at the Winter/Spring choir concerts, as well as ArtsFest.

Y Chromatones
This is Overlake's boys a cappella choir that provides the opportunity to learn difficult songs and to perform in front of others at the choir concerts. It is a great opportunity for the boys that do not get into a choir or cannot fit it in their schedule. Y Chromatones will make people step out of their comfort zone and grow as individuals.

Student Resources

Students, please to propose a club, register for clubs, and view upcoming club deadlines, or go directly to your dashboard at MyOverlake to view all student-specific content.


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Upper School Dean of Students
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