Overlake’s club program offers students an opportunity during the school day to pursue interests and passions that they otherwise might not have the time or opportunity to develop. The school makes every effort to protect Club Time in the schedule. In an eight-day cycle, there are two club periods; Upper School clubs can choose to meet one or both of those periods. While participation in clubs is optional, Overlake strongly recommends that students use this time to get involved.

In the Upper School, club leadership or sponsorship provides an opportunity for students to develop the skills necessary to create unique offerings and guide their peers in activities for which they have a passion. Upper School clubs are offered on a semester basis, and attendance during club periods is mandatory to earn credit for the club.

Upper School Club Descriptions 2019-20

Acting Club
A place to help prospective/current actors in our community practice, teach, and learn new tools to approach their acting individually.

Aerodynamic Engineering (Flight Club)
We construct and fly radio control airplanes. We have several ongoing projects carried-on from previous years.

Alliance Club
We want increase LGBTQ+ activism both in and out of Overlake and create a safe space for both community members and allies alike.

Animal Club!
Our goals are to educate others, explore our passions for animals, and advocate for animal rights, but amidst all these to have fun and make our days a little brighter with the help of non-human friends!

Art Club
Support students who want to continue to work on their visual art as well as start personal projects, assist others, and more

Astronomy Club
Our goal is to learn about the universe and how we interact with it, and arrange stargazing nights where we can observe the cosmos ourselves

Baking Club
The goal of baking club is to give students a break from their busy school day and provide them with delicious baked goods.

Basketball Club
Our purpose is to expand the basketball program and community at Overlake by offering the sport without the commitment of the winter season.

Bible Study
We want to grow our faith, understand our history, and expand the Christian community at Overlake.

Carbs and Crafts
Provide students a safe place to let off steam by making bracelets, embroidering, crafting, and eating carbs (such as bread)!

Chess Club
Our goal is to allow members to enjoy the complex, strategic game of chess, but more importantly to have fun with their classmates and learn

Climbing Club
Come climbing! We'll climb at Overlake's wall and go on optional field trips to climbing gyms and outdoors. Welcome to all - new to expert!

Clothing Club
My goal for Clothing Club is to teach others about fashion and how to screen print on clothing.

Coffee & Conversation
Explore topics that are deemed uncomfortable in society to start important conversations. We will also write and share our work with others.

Cyber-security Club
Our goal is to understand computer security principles. We will be covering theory and also apply that knowledge to given scenarios.

Teach people about marketing, business, finance, and entrepreneurship and give them the experience of competition with judges.

Dungeons and Board Games
Take a break from everyday life and school stresses with board games and Dungeons and Dragons in lieu of excessive productivity!

Educating the Future
Collaborate with the WE Organization, this club focuses on promoting leadership and education throughout the world

Engineering Club
Our goal is to provide students with the facilities to use their engineering knowledge on practical projects.

Environmental Club
To raise awareness of climate change, pollution, and environmental injustice, as well as promote sustainable living in a creative way.

Exploring Chinese Culture
Our goal is to provide a casual environment for people to chill and learn about Chinese culture through movies and food. There will be boba!

Fermentation Club
Our goal is to ferment as many things as possible and learn about science in the process! Looking forward to another great year :)

Forefront's goal is to advocate for suicide and mental health awareness.

French Club
The goal of this club is to learn about French culture, watch French movies, and eat French food.

Future Healthcare Professionals
Our goal is to provide a place where students can come together by discussing and simulating healthcare.

Gaga Club
Play Gaga!! Have tournaments with rewards. Make new variations of the game. Eat, Laugh, Sleep, Poop, Do HW. Have fun! Maybe paint the pit?

Garden Club
Our goal is to maintain and expand the Overlake garden.

Girl Up Club
Girl Up, a campaign of the UN Foundation, leads passionate advocates in changing policies and raising funds to support girls globally.

Girls Who Code
We'll code in a fun, supportive environment and promote coding for all through outreach programs like Hour of Code. No experience required!

Our goal is to create workshops for middle school students to educate them about health and nutrition.

HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)
This club is like DECA but specifically geared towards aspiring healthcare professionals. We will learn from professionals and compete.

To represent and educate the student body, through the lens of diversity both in Overlake and outside of Overlake

Investing Club
Our purpose is to provide a fun introductory experience to stocks, investing, and finance by using stock trading simulations.

Jazz Club
Our goal is to connect jazz instrument playing students to a group where they can organize, play together, and work towards a performance.

Junior Statesmen of America
The goal of JSA is to fight apathy across the United States.

Kiva Club
To raise awareness for various issues across the globe by providing microloans to those in need of clean water, food, etc.

Math Club
Foster a relaxed, helpful environment in which students bond over a shared passion for math & can test their abilities in math competitions.

Media Production Club
We are a club for anyone wanting to explore photography, film, and journalism, and want to help Overlake with all its media needs.

Mind Records
Establish a record label for Overlake's musicians, as well as graphic designers, video producers, and other talented individuals.

Model United Nations
Our goal is to be better citizens of the world by learning about the world's needs and developing research and negotiation skills.

Neuroscience Club
Neuroscience club will be a place for kids to apply their existing knowledge of science to learn about the growing field of neuroscience.

O Captain My Captain
An interdisciplinary print magazine published quarterly that caters to long-range subjects, as opposed to short-run news stories.

Outreach Club
To involve the Overlake student body in engaging service opportunities that benefit our local and global community.

Overlake Black Student Union
To provide a safe space to foster black leaders on the Overlake campus. To help them develop their confidence and identity on campus.

Photography Club
Photo tips and Tricks along with looking at pictures by pro photographers and getting help from other photographers. also can do videography

Ping Pong Club
To teach people how to play ping pong and have fun!!

Programming Club
A hub for students passionate about learning to program/programming. All students will be taught web development!

Quiz Bowl Club
Have fun taking part in mock Quiz Bowl (trivia) competitions with your friends at lunch on Fridays! Come for laughter, fun facts, and more!

The goal of Refuge is to raise awareness at Overlake about the challenges present in refugee rehabilitation in WA.

Our goal is to help middle schoolers (and maybe some upper schoolers) by talking to them about difficult topics and important things for HS.

Science Club
We organize the Science Symposium, discuss scientific developments, and conduct various experiments throughout the year.

SOCO Commitee
Want to decide dance themes? Decorations? See Jenni more? Join SOCO! We meet Thursday lunches leading up to dances (so not all Thursdays!)

Connecting passionate STEM students with regional, national, and international service projects in those fields.

Our goal is to prepare a mobile app and business proposal which we can use to compete in the global Technovation challenge competition.

Teen Link
We talk about daily struggles, school stress, and mental health! WE HAVE FOOD EVERY MEETING.

The Weekly Hoot
We are an independent newspaper that works to provide accurate and timely news to the Overlake student body.

Theater Tech Club
Our goal is to train any students who are interested in teching a show at Overlake, and to create effective communication between members.

Thespian Society
To enhance and strengthen the theatre arts department at Overlake by providing new opportunities and resources to theatre students.

Unaccompanied Minors
The goal of this club is to learn a song a semester, to improve our individual voices, and to grow as an ensemble.

Video Game Club
The purpose of this club is to introduce different video games from different genres to club members.

To sing and prepare songs arranged for TTBB a capella to perform at various concerts and school events and have fun doing that

Student Resources

Students, please to propose a club, register for clubs, and view upcoming club deadlines, or go directly to your dashboard at MyOverlake to view all student-specific content.


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