Overlake’s club program offers students an opportunity during the school day to pursue interests and passions that they otherwise might not have the time or opportunity to develop. The school makes every effort to protect Club Time in the schedule. In an eight-day cycle, there are two club periods; Upper School clubs can choose to meet one or both of those periods. While participation in clubs is optional, Overlake strongly recommends that students use this time to get involved.

In the Upper School, club leadership or sponsorship provides an opportunity for students to develop the skills necessary to create unique offerings and guide their peers in activities for which they have a passion. Upper School clubs are offered on a semester basis, and attendance during club periods is mandatory to earn credit for the club.

Upper School Club Descriptions 2018-19

Academic Decathlon Club
Our purpose is to participate in the Academic Decathlon as a club.

Aeronautics Club
The goal of this club is to help members understand the physics of model flight and design, safely engineer, and fly our own model RC planes.

Alliance Club/GSA
Alliance club aims to create a supportive space for people to learn about and discuss LGBT culture, history, and current events.

Astronomy Club
To stargaze, explore telescopes, enjoy the night sky, and learn together about our heavenly neighbors out there in the great unknown!

Black Student Union/ Black Student Alliance
In order to learn about, engage with, and resolve issues regarding being an African-American at a predominantly white institute.

buildOn is a nonprofit organization that seeks to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education.

Chess Club
To play chess in a competitive, lively atmosphere. To learn how to play, and enjoy what the game has to offer.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Club
This club is a space for students to relax and enjoy while bonding over something everybody loves -- chocolate chip cookies.

Classics Club
Classics Club aims to take the online tests offered by the NJCL and to form a mythology presentation for a children's summer course.

Cybersecurity Club
Our purpose is to give students the opportunity to explore cybersecurity without any CompSci experience in a non intensive environment.

DECA is an international organization for students pursuing business, management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. 

Design and Architecture
We'll give a design prompt at the start of the block, work, chill out, eat food and listen to music, and then share our designs at the end.

Dissecting Sexism
Our goal is to be a discussion platform for dissecting why gender disparities and sexism exist in life and the workforce.

Dungeons and Dragons Club
Take a break and live as fearless (or cowardly, we don't mind) adventurers in a brand new world free from schoolwork! No experience needed.

Educating The Future
We want to raise awareness for the issue of inequality of education in developing countries through a fun and hardworking group of students.

Embroidery Club
A club where people can bring in old or new clothes to practice their embroidery! For beginners and those with experience.

Engineering Club
Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to apply engineering related skills on practical projects.

Fermentation Club
We plan to make all sorts of delicious fermented goods like ginger soda, sauerkraut, pickles, you name it!

Forefront Club
Forefront Club strives to support the mental well-being of students on campus. Our goal is to continue providing encouragement & resources.

French Culture Club
Eat French food. Watch French TV. No spoken French necessary.

Gaga Club
Build hype to put a gaga ball pit on campus. Raise money and implement a portable gaga pit on campus. Play gaga.

Girl Up Club
In partnership with the United Nations, we stand up for girls, speak up for programs that help them thrive, and rise up as global advocates.

Girls Who Code
To provide a space for everyone to learn to code and practice coding skills in a fun, encouraging environment, especially girls.

HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) Club
Raising awareness about career opportunities in health care through guest speaker seminars, fundraisers, volunteering, and health drives.

Impact Club
Impact Club actively pursues social change on campus. We invite people of all perspectives to share their stories and learn from others.

Key Club
Our goal is to encourage and give students an opportunity to give back to the community around them and to develop leadership skills.

Kiva Club
xBring more attention to the benefits of micro-finance in alleviating poverty.

Math Club
Our goal is to let students at overlake share the love for math and take part in math competitions.

Media Production Club
We are a club for anyone wanting to explore photography, film, and journalism, and want to help Overlake with all its media needs.

Model UN
Simulate the United Nations through representing countries on issues ranging from refugee crises to global health.

A literary magazine that operates with the goal of publishing 2-4 times a year. It's a club for anyone who enjoys the feel of good words.

Outreach Club
Outreach club is a service based club that works towards bettering the local community through student involvement and service.

Programming Club
Our goal is to inspire Overlake students to discover the beauty behind code.

Refuge aims to raise awareness at Overlake about the challenges present in refugee rehabilitation to the US and to act upon them as well.

Respect Club
We run seminars with middle schoolers to prepare them for High School: body image/self-confidence, alcohol education, and social changes.

Science Club
The goal is for interested students to explore innovative science that uses new tech and resources to solve old, persisting issues.

Social Justice Book Club
Our goal is to read books related to social justice issues in our community and the world and have meaningful conversations about them.

Our goal is to plan dances that you want to go to! We meet a few Thursdays during lunch before every dance & talk about themes, food, etc.

Spark Club
Our goal is to change the culture at Overlake through activities and conversations with students.

Students Demand Action
Students Demand Action is a national initiative created for teens and by teens to fight against gun violence.

Tech Club
Improve the technology at school, live stream major events, and run tech donation drives throughout the year

Teen Link
Our goal is to provide a safe space to talk about issues that impact youth and to push Teen Link as a great support system for students.

The Junior State of America (JSA)
JSA's purpose is to fight political apathy in our community while educating and motivating the next generation of statesmen.

The Overlake Environmental Club
We're committed to spreading awareness about pollution, climate change, energy efficiency, and more.

The Weekly Hoot
The Weekly Hoot is an Overlake centered newspaper focused on providing students relevant and accurate news on the world around them.

The Y-Chromotones
We are an all-male a cappella group that performs during choir concerts and festivals throughout the year.

Thespians Society
Our goal is to promote participation in and appreciation for theater. We will prepare for Thespian Society events and see shows together.

Unaccompanied Minors
We are an all-women acapella group. We include people of all singing experience and help improve singing confidence and ability.

Writing Club
Bring in your fiction/creative pieces for advice, read published stories and poems for inspiration, do workshops, and talk about writing!

Student Resources

Students, please to propose a club, register for clubs, and view upcoming club deadlines, or go directly to your dashboard at MyOverlake to view all student-specific content.


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Director of Service Learning & Community Engagement
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