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As part of the Summer Program, Overlake offers an Accelerated Geometry course for credit (open to rising 9th and 10th graders) and SAT Test Prep courses through Applerouth (open to rising 11th and 12th graders). Due to the unique features of our Upper School courses, Overlake reserves the right to cancel them unless they meet registration minimums. Please see the specific registration minimums for each course in the course descriptions.



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Accelerated Geometry

Eric Clifford

Dates: Jun 25 - Aug 3 (8:30 AM - 12:30 PM)
There will be no class on Wednesday, July 4.

Cancelation Policy: In order for this unique course to run, a minimum of 6 students must register. Overlake will make a final decision on if the course will run by May 28. Families will receive a full refund if the course is canceled.

This is a credit-granting course.

Accelerated Geometry is a rigorous, accelerated course in high school geometry taught at the level of The Overlake School’s year-long Honors Geometry course. This course focuses on providing fundamental insight into an axiomatic geometry system, the development of logical and critical thinking skills, and communication with precise mathematical language. This is a fast-paced course with daily assignments and assessments. The course covers all topics covered by The Overlake School’s Honors Geometry curriculum.

Students taking this course are expected to have completed at least one year of algebra and be well-versed in solving systems of linear equations and quadratic equations. This is an accelerated, credit-granting course designed for highly capable, motivated, organized, and self-driven students for the purpose of advancing in their mathematics studies; it is not designed for enrichment, preparation for a year-long geometry course, or remediation.


The Overlake Summer Program will admit students to Accelerated Geometry on a rolling basis starting in February. Students are expected to have all parts of their application complete by May 1 at the latest. Applications for the course will be reviewed once all materials have been submitted. 

Overlake Students:
Only current 8th graders taking Algebra IB or current 9th graders taking Algebra I may apply for the Accelerated Geometry course. In order to apply for the course, students should complete the following steps in sequential order:

  • Schedule a meeting with the student’s current math teacher to discuss their recommendation for the course. Students must receive a completed recommendation form from their current math teacher in order to move forward with the application process.
  • Once the recommendation form is completed by the current math teacher, students should submit the form to Eric Clifford (eclifford@overlake.org). Eric will then give students a problem set to complete. The problem set should be completed and delivered directly to Eric Clifford within one week of receiving it.
  • Eric will review the problem set and provide the final recommendation to the Overlake Summer Program Director (Nate Edmunds).
  • Once these steps are completed, the family will receive notification from the Summer Program Director about the application’s approval. If approved, students will then move forward with the registration process in CampDoc.

Non-Overlake Students:
In order to apply for the Accelerated Geometry course, students must submit their most recent transcript, a teacher recommendation form, and the short problem set accompanying the application. As this is a rigorous, accelerated, summer course, acceptance is not automatic and subject to instructor approval.

In order to receive the teacher recommendation form and problem set, parents should contact the Summer Program Director (nedmunds@overlake.org) to express their interest in the course and get the appropriate forms needed to complete the application.

Once the recommendation form and problem set are complete, they should be sent electronically to the Summer Program Director (nedmunds@overlake.org) for review. Students are required to submit all application materials by May 1. Decisions on the student’s application will be made within one week of receiving all materials.


Attendance Policy:
It is crucial for students to attend class and be on time every day.  Each day of the program is approximately equivalent to one week of school.  Therefore, the only excused absences will be for illness or an unexpected, significant situation.  All other absences will result in receiving no credit for any work due or completed on those days of school.  Planned absences for family trips, appointments, or sports tournaments are not permitted.  Three absences (excused or not) will result in a failing grade for the course.  Regular and/or significant late arrivals to class will be considered unexcused absences.  Students must take the final exam in order to receive credit for the course.

Homework Policy:
Homework will be assigned almost every day, except for the night before an exam to allow for students to study their particular areas of need.  It will be collected and assessed for completeness and correctness.  This will provide another opportunity for targeted feedback to be shared between student and teacher.  Specific problems will be open to general questions in class the next day, while others will remain as part of a portfolio of graded student work that will be generated over the course of the program.  A portion of the students’ grade will be based on these homework problems.  Late homework will not be accepted, unless it was the result of an excused absence as approved by the Summer Program Director, and will be assigned a zero.

SAT Test Prep


Dates: Jul 30 - Aug 10 (8:30-11:30 AM)

Important Schedule Note: Part of this course involves two practice tests. The first test will take place on Monday, July 30. The final test will take place on Saturday, August 4.

Targeted Test Date: This course is designed for students taking the SAT on August 25.

Cancellation Policy: In order for this unique course to run, a minimum of 8 students must register. Overlake will make a final decision on if the course will run by June 29. Families will receive a full refund if the course is canceled.

This two-week course will prepare students for the SAT with proven strategies, content overview, and practice. The main content areas will include grammar and math (arithmetic, algebra, geometry). While teaching the fundamental concepts of the SAT, this class will be tailored to meet the needs of the students in the group.

Students will also receive individualized feedback from their tutor throughout the course.
Every student will receive two books, one official book of practice tests and the Applerouth Guide to the SAT. Two full-length practice tests will be administered to the students to measure their progress.

Since 2001, Applerouth has been fostering student success and confidence through research-oriented, relationship-based tutoring. We have helped thousands of students around the world increase their test scores and expand their opportunities. Learn more at www.applerouth.com.


Nate Edmunds
Summer Program Director

425-868-6191 x424