Counselors & Interns

One of the summer program’s goals is to open leadership opportunities for upper school and college students.  The summer program offers paid and unpaid positions for people who love working with middle school students and enjoy creating a fun leaning environment where all students feel valued.

Counselors work 20-30 hours per week throughout the entire summer.  They organize community time, support teachers in their individual camps, and help create a fun atmosphere through their own passion for learning.  Counselor positions are part-time, paid positions.  Counselor positions are open to anyone who has finished high school.  Please go to the Employment Portal to view specific counselor positions within the program.

Internship opportunities are available for all students who have finished 9th grade or above. Interns work with teachers to learn more about how to make the classroom a fun learning environment; they support students with their individual projects; and they cultivate meaningful relationships with faculty and students that extend beyond the summer program. Interns earn on-campus service hours for their work in the summer program. To apply for an internship, complete this form by May 15. If you have questions about internship opportunities, please contact Nate Edmunds (


Nate Edmunds
Summer Program Director
425-868-6191 x424