Frequently Asked Questions

Due to COVID-19, there are changes to this year’s Summer Program. Registered families will receive email updates about program information as we prepare for Summer 2020


Do you offer discounts?

Yes! Take 5% off each camp when you register for two or more half-day camps. In addition, take 5% off each camp if you register before March 1. The early bird discount is applied automatically, and the coupon code for the “multiple camp” discount appears on the CampDoc registration page.

When does registration open?

Registration opens on January 31, 2020.

I noticed that there’s a difference between the registration process for middle school camps and 3rd and 4th grade camps: Can you explain the difference?

For 3rd and 4th grade camps, we can guarantee that every camp we offer will run. Thus, you pick the camp you want, register, and you are ready to roll.

For Middle School camps, there are times when we have to cancel a session due to low interest. Thus, we ask for a second preference in case your first one is canceled.

Here’s the timeline for Middle School camps: During the first week of April, we look at current registrations and determine—based on sign-ups at that time—which camps will run and which ones we have to cancel. At that point in time, we remove the canceled camps from our website. On that date, we will also reach out to families whose first preference is canceled to let them know in advance that they will be in their second preference.

Middle School camp assignments are based on registration date: the earlier you sign up, the more likely you are to get your first preference. Once a camp meets the maximum enrollment, we will put a note on the website that indicates that the camp is full.

If you do not have a second preference, you can select “refund” and get a full refund in case your first preference is canceled.

We send out emails with camp placements and information two weeks before the camp start date. Please contact the Summer Program Director (Nate Edmunds) at any point to chat about questions surrounding your camp placements.

I signed my child up for the morning and afternoon sessions: Do I need to come to campus to cover the hour in-between?

No, we have you covered! From 12:00-12:30, campers eat lunch in the Campus Center; they are supervised by counselors and interns. From 12:30-1:00, campers participate in games and activities before our counselors take them to afternoon camps.

How does lunch work?

Students can bring their own lunch or purchase a hot lunch from the school ($42.50/week). Microwaves are available to heat up lunches. To purchase lunch, please select it as an add-on when you register for camp in CampDoc. Our lunch service is the same service that takes place during the school year; we offer two hot options, one of which is vegetarian. There is also always a nut-free option too.

View the lunch menu

Do you offer transportation?

Unfortunately, we do not provide transportation during the summer.

Where is the school’s entrance? Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

Families must use the school’s main entrance on Redmond Road to come to campus. Once you enter the main entrance, proceed to the upper parking lot. We will have signs on the road leading up to campus to point you in the right direction, and our counselors will be there to greet you each day.


Nate Edmunds
Summer Program Director
425-868-6191 x424

Jennifer Pan
Summer Program Assistant Director
425-868-6191 x651