Robotics Home Field Advantage


Last Sunday while thousands of eyes were fixed on the Seahawks game, Overlake’s Robotics team was in the trenches of its First Tech Challenge of the Year. 

Overlake Robotics works after school in the Campus Center. If you’ve spent any time in there, you’ve probably noticed the space they work in with its sectioned off course and drawers of parts and tools.

Advisors David Basham and Brian Husted led the group which built a robot with specs provided by First Tech Challenge. Coders and builders got it working, and drivers (game controllers) put the robot through its tasks. 

Out of five competitions, Owls robotics finished two of the challenges at the top of the competition. “I’m really proud of the effort everyone put into this competition,” says Husted. “Every single member of this team contributed to our success.”

While the team put in hundreds of hours preparing for the competition, the team insists that they can be better. “Seeing our robot in action really gave us a good idea of where we can make improvements,” says Pravir D. (’20). “We had a unique design, and I think a lot of the teams were looking at us and how we did something different.”

Overlake hosted the competition that was made up of teams from our region. 

Don’t worry if you missed Sunday’s competition. Overlake will host another FTC League event on Sunday, December 8.

Click here for a slideshow of Sunday’s action.