Course Registration

Students register in the spring preceding the year the courses are taken. Advisors, the Grade Level Deans, the Registrar, and the Upper School Head guide them through this process using the course descriptions listed in this handbook. All courses are contingent on sign-ups, however, and there is no guarantee that a course listed will be offered.

Course Changes and Withdrawals

  • During the first ten days of the semester, students may make course changes by completing the drop/add form available in the registrar’s office. There is no penalty for changing a course during this time, nor are any notations made on the student’s transcript indicating that any change has been made.
  • After the initial ten-day period, but before the end of the first and third quarters, students may request a withdrawal from a course by submitting a petition to the Upper School Head. Such a withdrawal will be noted on the student’s transcript as WP (Withdrawal Passing) or a WF (Withdrawal Failing), depending on the student’s standing in the course at the time of withdrawal. For any course dropped after the first and third quarters, a grade of F will be recorded on the transcript. 
  • If a student withdraws from a year-long course at the semester, WD (Withdrawal) will be noted on the transcript.
  • No course may be added after the initial ten-day drop/add period.
  • Exceptions to these deadlines will be honored at the recommendation of the teacher and advisor, with the approval of the Upper School Head. It must be recognized that course changes are also contingent on course enrollment numbers and scheduling conflicts.  There is no guarantee that a course change will be possible in every situation.
  • If a student adds a course due to his/her withdrawal from another course after the drop/add period, the semester grade will be based upon their second or fourth quarter grade plus any additional work required by the Department Chair to satisfy credit requirements.

Auditing Courses

Students may not audit Overlake courses. Only students who are officially enrolled in the course for credit may attend the course.

Repeated Courses

  • Students who fail a required course must repeat it by taking it as an additional course during the next academic semester/year or by earning credit in an approved summer program.
  • Students who receive a grade lower than a 70% in a sequential foreign language, mathematics, or science course may be required to repeat the course. The teacher in consultation with the department chair and Upper School Head will review each case and determine if the student should be required to repeat the course.
  • Only students who receive a grade lower than a 70% in any other course may repeat it with the permission of the teacher and the department chair.
  • If a student repeats a course, the repeat grade and credit are posted on the transcript and averaged into the GPA. The original grade remains on the transcript and an "R" replaces the credit given for that course.


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