Tennis Captains Focus on Fun


It’s not in Girls’ Tennis Coach Nate Edmunds’ character to miss opportunities to improve his team.

For Edmunds, a forecast of rain and cold temps aren’t deterring him from building his program. Telling his players, “Make yourself better. Make your team better” Edmunds plans out his practices to make sure everyone is involved. On the third day of practice, he sets up three stations where players can put his mantra into motion.

With limited space on the field house indoor practice courts, he rotates players from station to station. The first station focuses on building player fitness through circuit training. In the second station, coaches work on players’ tennis skills in various drills on the field house courts. The third is a bit unorthodox. He instructs players to watch a series of inspirational TedTalk videos.

Girls’ Tennis three senior captains, Maria R., Amanda L., and Anda G. work with Edmunds in team building. “A big thing that Nate really emphasizes with us is ‘chirping’ where we make sure to talk to each other through practice saying ‘Nice shot Amanda’", says Co-Captain Anda. “It really helps us to open up with each other and be relaxed. It’s all about being together and having fun.”

That fun translated to success last year when the doubles team of Amanda L. and Maria R. captured the state title. Are there expectations to repeat? “I’m not feeling that pressure to repeat,” says Senior Amanda. “I’m really super excited to see what we can do as a team and live up to that dream.”

Now it's up to the weather to improve and get the season rolling.