Story in a Tweet Winners!

Story in a Tweet Board

This year, Overlake ran its Story in a Tweet contest. The object was for students to write an entire story—beginning, middle, and end—in 140 characters, including spaces and punctuation; the original length of one tweet. Out of over 80 amazingly short entries, the faculty voted, and here are the winners. Final score: Green 36, Gold 58.

1st Place: 5 points

Once a girl read a book titled “This Book Will Self-Destruct Once It’s Opened.” She didn’t get very far.                                                 --Lexi, 7th                                                         

2nd Place: 3 points

Once there was a word on a page. He could not move; life was dark & boring. One day his wish came true; his page was open. He saw the world.

--Sophia , 6th

3rd Place: 2 points

The man sat on a chair. The chair broke and he got stuck. He had to walk like a crab. People started to do it too. He became the Chairman.                                                                            

--Mateo , 7th


Once there was a nice boy who was challenged to write a story in less than 140 characters for a contest. He won the contest and got rich!!!

--Jack S., 8th

Honorable Mention: 1 point

There was a mermaid. One day she met a sign. It said STARBUCKS COFFEE. She was curious so she touched it. She magically went into the sign.

--Chloe, 6th