Parent Survey FAQs

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The Overlake School has launched a parent survey until December 18th. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the process.

What is the history of the survey?

Last year the board encouraged the administrative team to survey the parent community as a means to learn more about their opinions about the school. This summer, the administrative team worked with Laura Hamill to create a survey that would gather information on all aspects of the school. Laura is an Overlake parent, board member, and an organizational psychologist. She works at Limeade where she is the Chief People Officer and heads up their research function that focuses on well-being and employee engagement.

Who created the survey?

The survey was created by several administrators at the school with help from Laura Hamill. Once a working draft was developed a focus group of parents reviewed and provided feedback about the survey. The goal was to create a comprehensive survey that covers all aspects of the Overlake experience.

How will the survey work?

This week of Nov. 27th you will receive an email from The Overlake School with a link to the survey. The survey is administered by a third party ( who will email a survey invitation to each Overlake parent/guardian. We ask that each family complete one survey per household. If you have more than one child at Overlake each adult within a household can complete the survey if you believe that your answers for each student are different. You should receive the email on November 30.

The survey will remain open until December 18. Reminder emails will go out every 4 days to those individuals who have not yet completed the survey. If someone in your household has already completed the survey or you wish to not provide feedback to the school, please follow the link in the invitation and decline participation (this will also stop the email reminders).



What will the school do with the information gathered in the survey?

Once we have received the survey results back from, we will provide a summary of the results electronically to the community. The results will also be presented at a future PFSA meeting.  


Why is Overlake doing this?

The goal of the survey is to provide the school with data on areas of strength and growth. The survey and future surveys will be important for our faculty, staff, administration, and board to use as we plan both long and short term work and to gauge if the school is making progress in certain areas.

Is the survey confidential?

Yes, all responses will be confidential. No individually identifying information will be shared back with the school. Only aggregated results will be shared.

If I have questions about the survey, whom can I ask?

You can contact any member of the administrative team with questions about the survey. If you have a technical question about the survey itself, please email

Will the school do future surveys?

Yes, we intend to do this survey yearly. The plan for going forward is also to use parts of the survey in surveying our faculty, staff, and students.

When was the last time Overlake conducted a survey?

We surveyed parents four years ago as part of Overlake’s accreditation process. The survey we used then was part of that reaccreditation process and was not developed by Overlake.