Boys Soccer: most decorated boys soccer program in 1A

2024 boys soccer state

“We expected to be competitive, but I always feel worried about saying we expected to win a state championship,” explains Coach Scott Lane. “I think we all believed we could win, and we could do something special.” 

And special it was, as the Owls dominated in the playoffs, not allowing one goal to be scored against them. “They believed in each other. They trusted each other. Outwardly, that's kind of what a lot of parents have also said that you could just tell they trust each other. They're not playing from fear, they're being genuine and themselves. They're just having fun,” says Coach Lane who has been with the Varsity team since 2018, the last time the Owls won the State championship. 

Saturday’s win against Royal High School now makes the Owls the most decorated 1A boys soccer program, winning 6 State trophies. “We returned a lot of players from last year. We only lost a handful of starters. They were important figures, but the guys who took up the roles that those guys had left did a really good job, and they did it in their own way, which I think is more important than just doing the job.”

The Owls were strong both offensively and defensively, with a goal differential Coach Lane has rarely seen. “I don't know what it was off the top of my head, but we were really high, like in the 40’s. That's the difference between goals scored minus goals against. Usually, if you see that number in the teens you’re doing well.”

The culture of togetherness that this team has displayed was true up to the very end, in the final moments of the final game. “They all ran towards each other, and they all congregated in the moment as one. And that's not something I've seen before on any sports team, let alone on ours.”

Here’s a look at the final moments of the Owls State win and their trophy presentation.

The team will get together once more this Sunday to celebrate their season. “We always get together as a team, but a lot of that happened after the game last Saturday because that's when the emotions are high. My message to the team and coaches was like, ‘Hey, this is an awesome memory for you guys. When we go across the field, you know everybody's there. Just be present. Be in the moment. Take the photos with your friends, family, or whatever. Don't try to rush out.’”