Book Spine Poetry 2024

Winners of the Book Spine Poetry contest; books stacked to show their titles making a poem

In honor of April as Poetry Month, we ran the Book Spine Poetry contest. It challenges students to select at least three books from a well-stocked cart and stack the books so that their spine titles, read top to bottom, create a poem. Faculty voted on the winners, and we had so many excellent poems this year that three tied for second place, and two tied for third!

Poem texts:

This is how it always is
Living in ancient Egypt

Second Place Tie:
The fire thief
The boy at the back of the class
A little taste of poison

Another day
Between shades of gray
Nothing to envy

Between shades of gray
Piece by piece

Third Place Tie:
How we learn
Still a work in progress
The mystery of life

Voices in the air
Piece by piece