Summer is coming


It may be hard to imagine when the weather is grey and rainy, but summer will be here before we know it! Along with that comes the Overlake Summer Program and a new Director in charge. Mike Hufstader, or “Huffy” as he is affectionately known around campus, Physical Education Department Chair, is taking the reins as the new Summer Program Director. 

“Camp has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a kid. I would go to summer camp from when I was 10 years old all the way to 22! Camp is just who I am,” Hufstader says. 

When he joined Overlake 10 years ago, the decision to get involved in the Overlake Summer Program was an easy transition having previously been a counselor, head counselor, and Program Director at other camps. Since he came to Overlake, he has created more than 15 different new camps including athletic, STEM, and outdoor camps. 

“Summer camp is synonymous with fun, lighthearted, cool activities,” Hufstader says. “Kids aren’t stressed. They get to do things they normally don’t get to do and have really cool fun experiences.”

The Overlake Summer Program has been running smoothly for many years and Hufstader notes that he is excited to jump in and build on a great foundation. This year there will be new camps and new teachers leading camps. He is particularly excited about Allison Gilman, Spanish teacher’s, new series of camps, ‘Calling All Bakers’ that will feature everything from cakes to cookies to French baking. There will even be a camp led by the spouse of a faculty member who has worked at DreamWorks for 18 years and is excited to teach campers all about 3D animation. 

Camp is also a great learning and growth opportunity for high school students to get involved as counselors. “It’s a great way to do selfless work. Anytime you do selfless work you learn more about yourself and others and it’s rewarding,” Hufstader comments. “It’s also rewarding for them to work with young kids and have a positive experience in their life.” More information about becoming a Summer Camp counselor will be coming to students soon so be on the lookout for opportunities for older Owls. 

There are still plenty of spots available to join in the fun this summer so be sure to sign your campers up soon! “When you drop your kids off here, we’re going to care for them, keep them busy, and they’re going to have fun. They’ll make some friends and hopefully try something new.” 

Register for Summer Camp here