Percy Jackson Escape Room!

Students solving puzzles in a Percy Jackson Escape Room

"OMG, Annabeth is so going to slice me limb from limb and feed me to a minotaur in tighty-whities—I lost her invisibility cap! The one that was a gift from her mom and that she lent me on pain of lingering death if I lost it! Agh! I’ve searched all over camp for it—starting from the Arena, I searched the North Woods, then the Big House, then the Amphitheater, then the Labyrinth, and then the Canoe Lake—nothing! Help me find it before she gets back from her quest to help the Gray Sisters pass their New York City taxi drivers’ test. She’ll Fedex me to Tartarus if I don’t find it!!!"

Students had the opportunity this past week to help Percy Jackson by solving puzzles to open boxes and eventually locate the missing hat. The note above was their starting clue, and in the course of finding the hat, they had to put on a Roman helmet, solve a scytale cipher, use a blacklight to find invisible clues, and more. For the finale, they had to frost a lightning-bolt cookie and make it appropriate for Percy's mom, who (as we all know) loves blue food. The kids did a great job each time! Photos here.

Many thanks to Magistra Mansour for supplying many props (including the helmet), and to Brian Husted for 3-D printing a lightning bolt cookie cutter!