Book Stacking 2023!

Girls stacking books

The Book Stacking contest challenges students to see how fast they can stack two boxes' worth of discarded books. The stacks have to be one book on one book (no pyramids), and must stand freely (no hands) with no wobbling. It's harder than it looks! Students earn Green/Gold points and prizes for their efforts. And of course, the students' favorite part is knocking their stack down!

Since some of the boxes this year had books that were easier to stack, there were two sets of winners in the teams category, and one set in the individual builders' category: 

Fastest Builders: Teams: Large Books

•    1st place: Eva & Stella, 6th: 22 seconds

•    2nd place: Alan Z. & Arjun G., 6th: 32 seconds

•    3rd place: Sloane & Avni, 6th: 34 seconds

Fastest Builders: Teams: Small Books

•    1st place: Karis & Olivia, 6th: 43 seconds

•    2nd place: Ellie & Olivia, 6th: 49 seconds

•    3rd place: Miyako & Cindy, 7th: 56 seconds

Fastest Builders: Individuals

•    1st place Large Books: Max, 5th: 79 seconds

•    1st place Small Books: Brianna, 7th: 60 seconds

Many thanks to Mike Hufstader and a number of students who helped out by being timers, and even more thanks to Maintenance, who stores and delivers the boxes of books for me each year. Thanks also to Tara Mounsey, for filming and taking pictures. You can see those here on Vidigami (you will need to log in).