Student Survey Uncovers Better Understanding of Mental Health and Well-being

authentic connections student survey


Description automatically generatedWhile academic excellence is critical to Overlake, supporting students’ social-emotional well-being is equally important. We are committed to creating a welcoming, nurturing, and supportive environment where all students can reach their full potential. To that end, Overlake has partnered with Authentic Connections (AC), a research-based organization that works to foster resilience in school communities.

AC’s High Achieving Schools Survey measures students’ mental health and well-being and identifies the aspects of school life most related to positive outcomes. Using data from this tool, Overlake is able to identify and address the factors that enhance resilience in our students and provide support for groups that might need additional attention. Overlake is committed to addressing the unique needs of our students, focusing on what matters most to them.

Science shows that resilience rests, fundamentally, on relationships. The Overlake community is built on a foundation of mutual support: between students, teachers, coaches, administrators, and the broader community. Our collaboration with Authentic Connections helps build and strengthen these real, meaningful relationships so that our students can thrive academically and personally, in their broader school communities. 

The survey is the final engagement survey of the 21-22 school year, having completed our employee engagement survey this past winter and the parent/guardian survey in April. We will run our student and employee engagement surveys annually, and our parent/guardian engagement survey every two years. This critical data will help us to measure success in achieving our goals as a school.

Below are sample images of the kinds of results and insights we will gain from completing this student survey, in addition to measuring our progress in the coming years. Data will be available to Overlake only in aggregate.

Families may opt students out of the survey by completing this form. Please contact Susan Essex, Director of Student Support, with any questions.