New tech for a new year

Allison and Ernesto box light

The World Languages Department hoped for updated projectors this year, but what they got was even better. The entire department got an upgrade to Box Light boards for their classrooms.

“It’s like a big tablet,” Ernesto Sanchez, Chair of the World Languages Department said.

The boards have a beautiful display, drawing capability, as well as the ability to share screens and project for greater ease of teaching. Sanchez is particularly excited to utilize the boards in a new class he is offering this year, Spanish Cinema.

“These are perfect for the class! Part of the experience of cinema as a medium is the quality of the picture. It’s part of the aesthetic,” Sanchez said.

Outside of that class, Sanchez and Allison Gilman, Spanish teacher, commented that they are excited about the features of the boards including screen sharing and even cooperative games and discussions with multiple students writing on the boards at once.