From the Classroom - Student Support

student support

Most of us know that amazing ways the student support team helps our students, but they also make it their mission to support faculty members as they navigate new challenges and adapt to online and hybrid learning.

The office of Student Support has started sharing a monthly newsletter designed for faculty members full of resources around social and emotional learning. The goal is for teachers to have a wealth of resources to apply to their specific class or homeroom in a way that makes sense for their group of students.

“There is a growing need for social and emotional learning (SEL), especially now that we are moving towards hybrid,” Pauline Salgado said. “We recognize that our teachers are wearing multiple hats: remote teacher, in-building teacher, advisor, helper, healer, parent, caregiver, the list goes on. We support teachers and advisors by offering SEL activities that can be easily incorporated into the classroom or in homeroom.”  

Since the start of online and now hybrid learning, the student support team have been reworking the way they support students and faculty. Just in the last year they have developed a resource page on Canvas, online student referral system, a revamped online ParentNet program, coaching sessions, and other resources that serve our community.

The newsletters will come out on a monthly basis and will loosely be themed around a particular value of the school as well as current events in the world and within the school. Next month will mark a year since the start of the pandemic and the team plans on equipping faculty with strategies and opportunities to reflect, in a structured way, on what the last year has been like as a community and how we can tie it all back to our school values.

No matter what the year brings, the Student Support team is ready to serve our faculty. “Hybrid learning will be an adjustment for all that will require patience, flexibility, and community care. As we slowly adapt to our new way of doing school, we want to do all that we can to support teachers since they are on the frontlines,” Salgado said.