Wellness Hacks Provide Self-Care Ideas to Students

wellness hacks

Sometimes you just need a reminder to take a break and be good to yourself. That’s the idea behind Overlake’s wellness hacks. An idea borne from our student support department, this is an opportunity to take a moment and practice self-care to help sustain ourselves in the coming weeks of uncertainty.

“While we are all in a remote learning model, we are grappling with how we can be helpful to students,” explains Susan Essex, Director of Student Support. “We want to deliver some supports to them that are easy to access, easy to do, and pertinent to this very unique experience. “

Each week, Essex and her team will put together a helpful tip, or hack, to allow students to practice their self-care. “We intend these supports to be short, one thing at a time, and delivered over the course of weeks rather than a full article of good ideas all at once.”

The hacks are the same for both Middle School and Upper School students and can be found on Canvas under the announcements section. Faculty will also have access to these hacks to be able to pass along. “We hope that students will take us up on the coaching and try to implement the skills,” says Essex. “These are going to be simple hacks they already know but may just need to be reminded about.  We all need to practice solid and consistent self-care to keep our stamina up in an extraordinary situation.  Often that doesn’t mean trying new things but trying known things more often and with greater intention.”

Week one’s wellness hack has to do with using the natural resources available to us to get moving.

Head outside after every synchronous class (or study session). Walk around the outside of your house while you try to remember everything you can about the class you just attended. The lift provided in some physical activity will help your memory! Can’t get outside? That’s no excuse - try jumping jacks, yoga, stretching, push-ups, squats, wall sits, burpees, dancing, etc. Power up by getting up and active while you do some retrieval practice, mentally rehearsing what you just learned!