Visual Scavenger Hunt

ms yearbook club

Right before the end of the semester, Middle School yearbook club spent some time working on their photography skills while capturing fun images of our campus. Below you'll find several images with hints. See if you can find out where these items exist on Overlake's campus. For the answer key, scroll down to the slideshow at the bottom.

Hint: Don't look a gift _____ in the mouth.

Hint: A "sign" that you're headed in the right direction.

Hint: Look whoooo's just hanging around.

Hint: Take notes! I can make the case for expansion!

Hint: We "found" these but not in a hockey rink.

Hint: Middle School students can get excited about the arts!

Hint: Grab a hold and don't look down!

Hint: "Follow the yellow (green or white) mulch road."

Hint: Rain, rain go away!