Orchestra Records Demo

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As daylight gets shorter, arriving to campus when it’s still dark can be difficult. It can especially be a challenge for musicians who have to be at the top of their game when they step into the classroom. 

A great example of that was with our Orchestra students who needed to record a demo performance for an upcoming trip to Disneyland. “I was a little nervous wondering how we’d sound,” says teacher Mark Lotz. “Something as simple as a traffic issue leading up campus can really affect us. This group really came together today, and we sounded wonderful because we had everybody here.”

The students will be making the March trip with two highlights on the itinerary. The first is a performance inside the theme park for visitors and the second is a recording session. “We’ll actually work with a director whose actual job is to record the music for the movies,” says Lotz. “We’ll be their orchestra for the day, and it's an amazing experience when the musicians put on headphones and begin playing along with a scene which is being projected in the studio.”

Lotz adds that this group is especially talented and one of the best classes of musicians that he’s ever taught. “We’ve got all kinds of kids in this group including some fifth graders that moved up because they were up to the challenge.”

Click here to watch the orchestra's demo.