Overlake adopts new community values

Compassion, Curiosity, Inclusion and Equity, Integrity, Mutual Respect are the community values that Overlake has adopted. After a year-long exploration, which included input from students, faculty, and staff, a set of community values has been identified as integral to what it means to be an Overlaker. 

But the work doesn't stop there. Although the values have been identified and adopted, they still need to be integrated into every aspect of the school, from not only how we act as community members in upholding the values, but in how we make decisions at the school. This coming school year will continue the work at operationalizing our values so they become woven deeper into the fabric at Overlake.

Currently, the values can be seen visually with this document displayed in each classroom on campus. And because the Campus Center, like any kitchen in a home, is the central gathering spot for our community, there are visual displays of the values and their definitions on the walls.