It's Demo Day at Overlake!

demolition day of math and Sciences

Construction crews have been readying the Math Science building for demolition all week. Earlier in the week they were inside the facility detaching electrical and plumbing, removing items, and getting a good sense of the work ahead. They also brought in three excavators that will be the work horses on demo day.

Friday morning crews arrived bright and early and began working their way through demolishing the building from the backside entrance near the greenhouse. When they gained access to Discovery Hall the crews paused to remove all the wooden planks inside the ceiling of Disco to repurpose elsewhere. Once that was done the heavy lifting continued. In short order crews had knocked down the majority of the structure in just 3 hours.

For a look at the progress in action, click on this quick video.

Now that the structure is down, construction will focus on pouring the foundation and assembling the support pillars for the new 30,000 square foot Math & Sciences Center, which will be ready for students in the 2020-21 school year.

Keep up with the construction by visiting our construction cam.